Thursday, February 8, 2018

Raga By Titan - Aurora Collection

Titan, always a brand name to be reckoned with when it comes to chronometers, is known for its timeless classic watches. Staying true to this description of timepieces, Titan Raga has come out with two collections, Moonlight and Aurora.

The Moonlight collection, as the name suggests is inspired by the moonlight. The different stages of moon from the crescent to the full moon and the twinkling stars in the sky that light up a deep dark night are exquisitely beautiful and these watches capture this beauty.

The Aurora collection, is inspired by the natural light display in the sky seen on the north and south pole. Taking inspiration from these beautiful Aurora lights, Raga celebrates every woman who is an Aurora in herself. She who has confidence that sparks and facets that beautifully glow.

The timepieces in both the collections are beautifully crafted and elegant; perfect for the modern woman who is feminine and poised.

Product code : 95028YM01J

This first watch which I wore, is an exquisite timepiece by Raga Moonlight. It is embellished with Swarovski Crystals over the beautiful intricate design around the dial. The pretty Mother of Pearl dial and the Chaton cut Swarovski crystal time indices will definitely make you fall in love with the watch. This timepiece is the perfect gift for a loved one and definitely my favourite pick from the collection.

Product code : 95049YM01J

The Aurora collection is a collection of rare timepieces which is a breathing illustration of the elegance and poise of a contemporary woman. What makes it so rare and exquisite, is that it draws inspiration from the unique techniques of the renaissance era like Cameo, Abalone and Gilded Gold. It weaves its poetry through their modern interpretation like Embossing, Cutwork, Layered Dials using Swarovski Crystals, Enamels and Mother-of -Pearl. It makes for the perfect blend of new-age simplicity with elegance and femininity.

Product code : 95044YM01J

The different timepieces from the Titan Raga Aurora collection can be used both as a daywear and a nightwear accessory as they are easy to pair up with a variety of outfits. I believe the elegance and richness it adds to every outfit is the best part about this collection.
As we know, Titan is a brand to be reckoned with when it comes to timeless classic watches. Titan watches are like jewelry that is cherished in the family. I remember looking up to my mother, as she wore Titan watches with such elegance, and today i am so proud to carry that legacy forward.
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