Monday, December 18, 2017

My Raga By Titan : Moonlight Collection

Fashion changes, but a timepiece is forever. Staying true to this description of timepieces, Titan Raga has come out with their Moonlight collection. Titan, always a brand name to be reckoned with when it comes to chronometers, is known for its timeless classic watches. And their new collection is no different. Every woman's dream, a Titan classic timepiece is a favourite gift for every watch lover. And I am no exception. When it comes to picking out a watch brand to go with my outfits, Titan Raga is one of my favourites.

The collection, as the name suggests is inspired by the moonlight. The different stages of moon from the crescent to the full moon and the twinkling stars in the sky that light up a deep dark night are exquisitely beautiful and these watches try to capture this beauty. The timepieces in this collection are beautifully crafted and elegant.

This first watch which I wore, is an exquisite timepiece by Titan Raga. It is embellished with Swarovski Crystals and Auburn moonstones. The pretty Mother of Pearl dial and the Chaton cut Swarovski crystal time indices will definitely make you fall in love with the watch. This timepiece is the perfect gift for a loved one and definitely my favourite pick from the collection.

The second watch is a classic must-have for every woman. It has a Mother of Pearl dial and Crystal indicators.The silver strap with designed Swarovski elements makes it an exquisite accessory that will go with every outfit.

Both the timepieces are elegant and rich in their own way. The different timepieces from the Titan Raga Moonlight collection can be used both as a daywear and a nightwear accessory as they are easy to pair up with a variety of outfits. You can go right from a day dress to an evening gown, or even a saree and won't have to change your watch. I believe this versatility is the best part about this collection.

Very feminine and delicate, the timepieces are a perfect reflection of your femininity and personality. Owning one of these is a must for every woman.

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