Tuesday, May 16, 2017

JAGUAR - The Art Of Performance Tour

I was beyond thrilled when I first heard that I was chosen to cover the launch of Jaguar’s The Art of Performance Tour in India. I would consider myself a driving enthusiast, as I blindly get excited to get behind the wheel at any chance I get. Now, getting behind a Jaguar’s wheel? Well, just let the story roll.

Jaguar’s The Art of Performance Tour was set up at the beautiful and serene Aamby Valley airstrip. As I arrived there, I was taken aback by the distant gnarling roar only getting closer. A red blur raced across the airstrip leaving my heart racing as well. It was the famous Jaguar F-TYPE.

Bouncing across the field I headed to the registration desk. The process was quick & smooth and the Jaguar team led me to the briefing area, where we were explained about all the cars.

The Art of Performance Tour is a series of dynamic drive experience events that provides an opportunity to experience what it's like to get behind the wheel of a Jaguar under the guidance of expert instructors. The entire range of Jaguar vehicles, the XE, XF, XJ, F-TYPE and the recently launched All-New Jaguar F-PACE, was there for us to experience. The event entailed a series of specially designed track exercises on an open tarmac.

A batch of four people were taken for the first track exercise, ‘The Lane Change’.
As the instructor showed us what we had to do, I realized, this was no ordinary driving experience. Jaguar didn’t just want us to experience these beasts, but wanted us to test their beastly torque combined with immense stability. And hands down, the XE, XF, XJ and F-PACE can take the most drastic swerves with tremendous grace.

I was taken to the next activity track, the RUNWAY!

Sparkling under the sun shine, the magnificent F-TYPE was a sight for sore eyes.
From the outside, I must say, the British design is absolutely stellar. A perfect poster for any true car enthusiast.
From the inside, the F-TYPE can give some serious shoulder to the Boeing cockpit.
As I strapped in, my heart racing, I pressed the ignition and the gear selector dial rose. I took it smoothly to the start line, trying to seem collected to my instructor, who was as calm as someone sipping a coffee at Starbucks. He says, “So you have to go 0-200, in 400 meters, in about 12 seconds. OK? Go when you are ready”. He grinned.

At that moment, I left my head out of the window, my heart took over.

As I hit the pedal to the floor, I instantly felt the G force. My heart found a way to my mouth.
The ‘Jaguar Roar’ was unmistakably magnificent, now coursing through the wheel to my body.
The calm instructor started counting the speed, 100, 130, 150, 180, 190…. As I stared at the horizon, everything changing so fast, I thought we were going to fall off the earth.


It felt momentous. Something to celebrate and I was smiling ear to ear.
I braked and the car slowed down steadily as we took a U-Turn, and it was time to rev this beast up again. The second time around, I thought it won’t be as thrilling. I was wrong.

Jaguar’s ‘The Art of Performance Tour’, was an experience, I am sure none of us will ever forget.
Holding favorites, apart from the F-TYPE, the F-PACE and the catty XE came closer to my heart.

Leaving the tarmac and heading back to reality (after taking a hundred photographs of course), I had a wide grin stuck on my face all day.