Thursday, May 25, 2017

AFRIKA BURN 2017 : Part 1

I went to Afrika Burn this year. It was my first time and i would proudly say that i happily survived it and enjoyed every moment of it. Here’s my story about how i got there and what went on for the 5 days i was there. 

Sarfaraz (Surf aka Surfmeister) and me finally took the long overdue trip to Cape Town to visit his cousin Bhupesh(Bhups). Try all we might, the trip just never came to fruition over the past years. However, this year things would be different.

For those who don’t know what is Afrika Burn :

Afrika Burn is an arts festival that could be described as Africa’s version of Burning Man. It happens once a year in the desert in Tankwa Karoo National Park. Thousands of people get together to form a community to celebrate love, life, self-expression and creativity. A place where my crazy inner unicorn could be free to roam without any scrutiny or judgement. Money has NO value in there, as there is nothing to buy or sell. There is no cellphone network for hours around the Burn. It is like being cut off from everything worldly and pretentious, a world of its own. La La Land!

After multiple flight changes, VISA issues and a bout of food poisoning later, we were on the road to Afrika Burn. A five hour drive from Cape Town, where three out of the five hours journey is set on a dirt road.
Hats off and a grand round of applause to Bhups who planned EVERYTHING! And wow did it take some serious planning.

What you need you must carry, and carry back. Everybody who comes to Afrika Burn is expected to be socially responsible. Littering is not an option, thereby ensuring that no waste gets left behind, not even a stub of a cigarette.

Bhups, Surf and me were part of the Camp Tankwa Town, one of the many campsites scattered across the Tankwa Karoo. Each person at their respective campsite contributes to get the facilities together. There were toilets, hot showers, large refrigerators to store the food, a kitchen, a dining area and of course, the camping area. All of this and all the people made up 'Camp Tankwa Town', and all of this was all inside a ginormous tent.

Day One I was quiet. Unlike me, but I guess I was overwhelmed. It was a sea of faces, friendly faces and I love making new friends. However, it took me some time getting used to, but I finally managed to shed away those layers of shyness.

I was in absolute awe, everywhere I looked, I saw art come to life. All around were gigantic displays of artworks, the crowds of people away from the worldly woes expressing the art within themselves through their vibrant and outlandish attire, the variety of glowing lights and music infinite.

The next day, shy no more, I was at one with the Burn. A happy bubbly bunny, smiling and greeting everyone, wearing outrageous outfits I never imagined trotting around in and just feeling free. There were many a time when tears would flow freely from my eyes, but I cared not, these were tears of joy, of happiness, as I experienced the wonder that Afrika Burn is.

If any of you are interested in going for Afrika Burn next year, please drop me an email at, with Subject : AFRIKA BURN 
I can connect you with the camp group. 

To be continued.........

Enroute Burn

Pee break means selfie time

That's me after a horrible night of food poisoning. Yay! I survived.

Surf and Bhups

Surf found a turtle crossing the road. Aww!

Enter Afrika Burn

First Outfit. All dressed up and ready to head out.

Finally found Bhups in the crowd.

Day 2

Derek is a happy kid. 

Me, Surf, Derek and Mik.

"You are normal"

To be continued.........