Saturday, April 15, 2017

Beach Bum - Ko Pha Ngan

I know this post was long overdue, as many of you wanted to know about my stay in Ko Phangan.
I stayed on this beautiful island for 10 days so i am sure i can give you guys a lot of tips for this destination. 

Here goes... 

Me, Niki and Surf had been travelling around Thailand, starting from the busy city of Bangkok to the busy beaches of Ko Samui, for about a week. We wanted to relax after those hectic days of shopping and sight seeing, and Ko Pha Ngan was the perfect island for it. 


We took a flight from Bangkok to Ko Samui. From Ko Samui we took an hour's ferry boat ride to Ko Pha Ngan. The ferry can be booked at any of the many travel agents at Ko Samui. 
Ferry cost : 400 Baht approx


We stayed at the gorgeous Phangan Beach Resort. Out of all the places i stayed in Thailand, this resort was just the best. Not because it was luxurious but because it just made us feel at home. We chose to stay in between the serene end of the island and the party end of the island to get the best of both the worlds. So this resort makes for the perfect location in my opinion. We stayed in the cute cottages on the beach, which has all the amenities like an air conditioner, cable tv and comfy beds. Just a mini fridge was missing, but it didn't bother us. The pool was absolutely gorgeous with a cute shack bar beside it. Clearly my favorite place in the whole resort. The food in the restaurant was just delicious and we ate all our meals there as we couldn't find anything as delicious outside. My favorite was the 'Tuna Salad' and the 'Thai Curries'. The staff was so friendly and helped us with everything we needed. So overall we were very happy about our stay here. 

Tips : 
1. Do the booking in advance, close to the Moon Parties dates the resort is fully booked.
2. In case you are scared of lizards as i am, light incense sticks in the room as i just felt it reduced their visits. The tuk tuk is a giant lizard, seen all around the island, and gave me a hard time in the bathroom. 
3. No outside food is allowed in the resort. If you get midnight hunger pangs like i do, there is a 7-Eleven at about 400 meters from the resort. We enjoyed those midnight bikes rides for a snack and ice-cream.
4. Hire a motorbike or car to move around. Costs 150 Baht approx per day. There is one rental place right outside the resort.


Ko Pha Ngan has some really gorgeous beaches around and since the island is really small, you can get to any the farthest beach in just an hour. We hired motorbikes and drove around with the help of Google Maps. My favorite beach was The Chaloklum Beach. It was quiet, clean and there were lots of small restaurants around for a drink and bite. 

Tips : There are a few hilly areas in the center of the island. Nothing major but just be cautious while driving. Google Maps will help you out if you ever get lost. So keep your phones charged, along with a 3G connection. 


As serene and peaceful Ko Phan Ngan can be, it can be equally wild as well. The famous Full Moon Party is a must go. There are three parties in a month, the full moon, the half moon and the no moon. All are pretty good and you will surely catch one of them during your stay. For other days, just head to Haad Rin Beach. That's where all the night life is. The beach is lined with many pubs and night clubs. If you are a techno lover as i am, you will love 'SandCastle' on Haad Rin Beach.

Tips : 
1. You can catch a shared taxi, for going and coming. You can catch them fromt he main road. You will have to bargain on the cost.
2. We bought the Full Moon tickets at the venue itself. The ticket prices vary from Full Moon to No Moon as the scale of a No Moon party is smaller. 
3. The road to Haad Rin Beach can be quite hilly and dark. Me and my sister went on the scooter, and it was pitch dark at stretches, which scared us quite a bit. But we quickly laughed about it, got the hang of it and now we see it as a midnight adventure.

Over all we had a total blast. There were days of hard partying and then days of total relaxation. 
I have to say, these 10 days were one of the best of my life.

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