Tuesday, March 28, 2017

ONLYXGarfield - So Not Amused

Springing into action to get to my summer body goals! I have promised myself to hit the gym everyday, eat healthy and stay active. But there are times i get super busy with work and shoots, and yes lazy most times to get off my ass and hit it. At those times i do believe you need something to motivate yourself somehow. For me a cool new workout outfit, new shoes or new music on my iPod also helps me look forward to hit that workout. So i grabbed some new workout wear, like this super cute ONLYXGarfield crop top from KOOVS and now i am so excited to wear it out for my workouts. Hehe! 

I also got some cool leggings, after gym slip ons and this cute bag to accessorise my look from KOOVS. I am absolutely loving their active wear collection. It is chic, trendy and so comfortable. Do check it out cuties, dropping the link here : 

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Eargasm today :