Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Vigour Kart : Food For The Soul by Fedora Fernandes

Eating healthy has always been one of my top priorities. However, its easier said than done. Many people avoid eating more than one meal a day in order to maintain a constant weight. I guess it'd be safe to say that a lot of my blog readers feel the same. Got to have the right figure, for that right outfit! People look to innumerable diet plans in order to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle. But, truth be told its chaos when it comes to actually following a strict dietary regimen. 
It is rather more important to eat healthy and add various nutrients into our body for nourished skin and hair and also better functioning of your body in the long run.  

And what about that 'sweet tooth’? 
Does dieting and eating healthy means to completely eliminate sweets from your diet?

That’s where 'Vigour Kart’ comes to the rescue!

'Vigour Kart’ believe in 'Desserts with health benefits!' 

Founded by Fedora Fernandes about four months ago, in her own cozy kitchen, VigourKart aims to help everyone eat healthy and be healthy.
You can get in touch with them on +918007414448 anytime from 10a.m. till 6p.m. to order their blissfully delightful healthy eats.

Eargasm today :

VigourKart provides an assortment of homemade healthy breakfast bowls that can substituted as a dessert or dinner as well. They provide various oat-chia puddings, smoothies, energy bites, that are as mouth-watering as they appear. 
Their specialise in dairy free, gluten free and sugar free recipes. They have a lot of vegan as well as non vegan delights! The few flavours that have been selling a lot lately has been the raw cocoa, the peanut butter, the vanilla, the coffee and the mango . In the smoothies the mango smoothies and the oat and raisin smoothie is their best sellers.

Chia seeds individually has a lot of health benefits and research shows that it has helped a lot of people on their weight loss journey. Vigour Kart does not believe in using any artificial substances. If you substituted a bowl of peanut butter chia pudding for your lunch the calories you have consumed would be only 250, not forgetting that it would fill you up well. Voila! 

I tried out 4 of her delicious recipes :

1. The Dark Chocolate Vegan Mousse

2. Walnut Raw Cocoa Fudge

3. The Vanilla Chia Pudding a.k.a. 'Fruit Blast' (My Favorite) 

4. The Dark Chocolate Coconut Pudding

They deliver across Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru and parts of Gujarat. 
All deliveries need to be pre-ordered. You can also customise the ingredients according to your needs. 
For orders that are not from Pune, all items on their menu are available to be home-delivered with the exception of smoothies and puddings.

You can get in touch with them on +918007414448 anytime from 10a.m. till 6p.m. to order their blissfully delightful healthy eats.

You can even follow them on:
Instagram: @thevigourkart
Facebook: @thevigourkart

Heed my words and try out their delicious goodies. Let’s indulge… no strings attached.

Eargasm today :