Tuesday, December 6, 2016

HIDESIGN : The Luxury Leather House

The designer fashion world is not often a place that adheres to the old adage about less being more, but when it comes to leather goods, sometimes it's true. Bags designed to be sleek are generally made of beautiful materials and are more likely to have careful, considered finishes, after all, they're the only things you see when you look at a bag that's free of extraneous design elements.

Hidesign, a brand that takes pride in the minute details of the craftsmanship in all its creations of leather handbags, clutches and wallets. Founded in 1978, Hidesign has brought an alternative perspective to the serious shoppers. For over three decades Hidesign has brought nothing but the best in design and style for the ever-so-keen shopping connoisseurs.

"Hidesign has always believed in and has been inspired by Natural beauty. It is a dream for the Hidesign design team to bring together the finest natural materials and to realize the exquisite shapes through fine craftsmanship." says Dilip Kapur, Founder & President at Hidesign.

Hidesign is now set to launch an array of accessories in their 'one-of-a-kind' luxury collection for this season; The Atelier CollectionThe Atelier Collection is further divided into two sub-categories: The Champagne and The CaviarThe team at Hidesign innovates and designs all its merchandise with techniques such as vegetable tanning, 'Marca Punto' and hand painting. Simple is always beautiful; an aesthetic of being bold and demure at the same time; this philosophy is a statement I live by and I'm happy to see it being practised by Hidesign. 

The Champagne selects are made from responsibly sourced Ostrich leather, a prime choice of luxury designers. The random, intricate quill pattern present on it adds to its rarity and resilience thereby making it one of the most sought after materials around. My favorite from Champagne is the Marne in tan hue, a cross between a clutch and a shoulder bag; c'est parfait for an evening of class and elegance. 

The Caviar creations on the other hand are handcrafted from Deer leather, sourced from farms in New Zealand. This material is extremely soft and has tremendous strength; making it just perfect for luxe goods. My favorite from Caviar is the Beluga in black.

Well, I've gone on and on about the excellence that Hidesign exhibits; it is now time to suave-up' and style. I've incorporated the bags from Hidesign with ensembles from with my very own closet to show you precisely what I'm talking about.

First off, I've paired an off-shoulder top, ripped jeans, block heels and a spot-on choker neck piece; all this and the Beluga from Atelier: Caviar. Be it an affair with family, friends or that someone special; this monochrome amalgamation is just parfait.

Up next, is every girl's 'must-have', the iconic and timeless 'Little Black Dress'. An LBD is effortless perfection for those evening and night time affairs. However, a plain dress doesn't seem much appealing to me. A statement accessory is what I wanted, and I found it in the form of the Marne from Atelier: Champagne. The tan hue adds a sense of fun, set alongside the demure LBD; summing up to a look that tres charmant.

"Game Of Thrones" raves on about how Winter is coming. Well, now I'm gonna rave: "Winter IS here!" Bring out the trench coats. An essential for this season, the trench coat is balanced perfectly with this bag duo from Hidesign's earlier creations.

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