Thursday, December 29, 2016

Platinum Day Of Love : Platinum Love Bands

Platinum Day of Love! What do you think this means? It signifies something deeper and more glorious than just words. It is a day you find love which is pure, true and eternal. Finding real love is not easy, as we are all, on the lookout for our twin flame. For those lucky souls who do find their soulmates, it is an extremely special moment in their journey of life, something to celebrate in full glory!

“What better way to express how you feel to the one you love with a Platinum Love Band”

Monday, December 19, 2016

DEAL JEANS - The Party Girl

With Christmas around the corner and New Year Eve following up, I am sure that many must be going frantic hunting for the perfect outfits. After all it's a weekend full of 'Christmas Merriness’ and parties.

Many factors come to play an important role in picking one's look!
  • What's in fashion?
  • What colors to work with?
  • Which, cuts, patterns and/or silhouettes are trending?
Trust me when I say, I understand your dilemma.

Even if I do know about "what's hot and what's not"; shopping still doesn't get any easier.

Deal Jeans recently launched the "Party Collection", a collection that caters to the young urban women of today. A brand after my own heart, Deal Jeans aims to fulfill every girls' desire to own a wardrobe that is fashion forward, trend appropriate and compliments one's figure.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Savannah by OCM - Embracing The Indo Western

At a wedding function, at a cocktail party, or to the office - one could choose ‘fusion fashion’ and walk in gracefully.
Fusion fashion is the most sought after trend for the modern woman, regardless of the occasion. The one reason why indo-fusion fashion is so loved by the modern Indian woman is because it incorporates western touches to our existing ethnic outfits which we never want to part from.
Recently we have seen a lot of celebrities opting for ethnic fusion outfits for events and I personally think it is fabulous way to be unique and fashionable.
Today, I am collaborating with the new brand Savannah in the fusion fashion space.
Savannah is made of lawn cotton which is one of the world’s best cottons. It is soft, takes colour printing extremely well, and makes for meticulous finish and an attractive drape.

Trend Alert - The Sock Boots

Every season we see trends coming in, like last summer the white sneakers took the fashion world by storm. This winter let's all hail 'The Sock Boots'. Yep! You heard it right. A hybrid of heels and socks, they have become the unlikely big shoe trend of 2016. It sounds confronting, but when you see how these fashion-girls and celebrities have styled them, or designers like Phillip Lim and Versace have interpreted them, you'll want a pair pronto. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

HIDESIGN : The Luxury Leather House

The designer fashion world is not often a place that adheres to the old adage about less being more, but when it comes to leather goods, sometimes it's true. Bags designed to be sleek are generally made of beautiful materials and are more likely to have careful, considered finishes, after all, they're the only things you see when you look at a bag that's free of extraneous design elements.

Hidesign, a brand that takes pride in the minute details of the craftsmanship in all its creations of leather handbags, clutches and wallets. Founded in 1978, Hidesign has brought an alternative perspective to the serious shoppers. For over three decades Hidesign has brought nothing but the best in design and style for the ever-so-keen shopping connoisseurs.