Monday, November 21, 2016

The Indian Couture - Kalki Fashion

 I feel a change coming over, a shift in the understanding of what people want and what people need. Fashion in India is no longer subjected solely to mass production for the masses. With the youth finally taking over the reigns, India is set to enter the international fashion frontier with new designers and artists. 

In the past few posts you must've noticed that I mention the increase in ateliers that are finally catering to what I and many like me, love. The fashion house 'Kalki', caters to the eclectic tastes of their clientele, taking the next step from High-End to Couture; offering a fresh take on ethnic wear in all forms of pattern-cuts and silhouettes. From the stunning Lehenga-Cholis, Sarees & Salwar-Kurtas with intricate embellished and embroidered details, to the exclusively designed wedding trousseau in an array of high-quality fabrics and in an assortment of over thousand varied styles, 'Kalki' is yet another ultimate shopping spot to stop at.

'Kalki' puts aside the stereotypical approach of apparel making in India, and ups the ante with a fusion of the old and the new along with a variety of embellishing and embroidery techniques. 

Here is an atelier that is truly dedicated to make their clients feel more beautiful & luxe in versatile and aesthetically appealing outfits; they are a brand synonymous with elegance, confidence & poise. 

To make things more clear, I've opted to style a few outfits. I mean who wouldn't want to be photographed in these fairy-tale-like creations.

The first outfit is a magnificent fairy-tale outfit come to life, a beautiful lahenga choli in deep blue combined with a pastel peach choli working hand-in-hand with floral embroideries & applique. The color palette itself is bold yet calming at the same time. C'est incroyable!

My second outfit is a pre stitched saree; a marriage of net and intricate embellishments on the blouse and saree-border. Kinda made me feel like the Indian "Carrie Bradshaw", an unconventional and contemporary take on the traditional saree. The peach-salmon and the pistachio-jade colors keeping the palette dreamy yet grounded working most beautifully with the multitude of floral embellishments.

The third ensemble is the gown in hues of the deep blue with a sheen of silvery-grey fused within its weaves. Created with the brilliance of origami incorporated with Zardosi work of India and the Mandarin collar of the Orient, this outfit airs a sense of confidence and sophistication. This is the perfect example of the 'just right' amount of drama and mystique. This couture concept if for 'Keep For Life'.

Head on over to their website and get to see for yourself why I'm raving about them and their creations.

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