Sunday, November 13, 2016

Basics Done Right - Diesel + Kanso

As a person who's constantly on the hunt for something new, something relevant, the DIESEL 'Denim Master Studio', was truly a breath of fresh air. They've already been a massive hit in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Bangalore, and now, finally they've brought it to Pune. This concept by DIESEL is something that I feel truly would appeal to everybody. The 'Denim Master Studio' is where you've to be if you're one who loves customised denims, be it your jeans and/or jackets. You get a tête-à-tête with the 'Denim Masters', who've been trained under strict guidance in Italy, to assist the clientele in sharing their ideas of customisation.

 It was on a day like any other, nothing beyond the ordinary; that was until I entered the DIESEL 'Denim Master Studio'. 

The space is huge, at no point during your visit to their store would you ever feel crowded. Also, the team present there is ever-so hospitable and helpful, ensuring that they help each and every customer and not allowing anybody to feel neglected. 

 There were racks and racks of jackets and jeans to choose from, I was in absolute awe. The different fits and cuts, the array of style and patterns; but wait, the true stars of the show: Exclusive rivets, studs and patches that are as good as 'Couture'. The High-End brand has brought the essence of an 'Italian Atelier' into their stores and truly got my creativity going on overdrive. Everywhere I turned, I could picture all the possible custom concepts that I could create. 

I took my time and decided upon a pair of skin fit jeans; and then came the time to finalize on how I wanted to have it customised. I'm one for minimalism, well at least as far as my jeans are concerned, 'cause jeans are something that are best of nearer to basics that would match just about everything in one's closet. However, it is entirely up to you how you want your jacket and/or jeans customised, work on it keeping it nearer to 'norm-core' or go on 'hep-extreme' on them, it's all up to the client.

I took a while as I looked upon their rivets, metal and rhinestone studs, and iron-on patches and eventually came upon my final design. Simple, subtle et très chic. I left the masters to work their magic, while I went around the mall to wait for the final product. Roughly about 40 minutes later, my jeans were finished and I could not possibly have been happier with the results.

Check out the images, you'll understand what I mean!

The experience as a whole was unique and undoubtedly, elite as it helped me better understand why personalising/customising, as a concept, commands such importance. There's nothing better than to own a pair of Denim jacket and/or jeans that is solely designed for you, Even the packaging/bagging gives off a vibe of exclusivity, the clients receive a specially designed DIESEL 'Design Master Studio' bag featuring their logo.

Eargasm today :

You'll remember that earlier I mentioned 'minimalism', there's another minimal advent that needs to be brought under the spotlight; 'KANSO'.

Birthed from the mass want and/or the mass need of simple, well made shirts & camisoles. A statement piece of clothing whose quality and durability could not be questioned, that which invariably adheres to being styled with any other item of clothing in one's wardrobe and eventually turning into one's 'OOTD'.

'KANSO' draws its inspiration from a Japanese Zen principle that personifies simplicity and the exclusion of non-essentials, incorporating this into their designs of weaves of the finest silk and cotton; which is essentially locally sourced, cut and stitched in their studio in Chennai. 'Constant Vigilance is key...', and KANSO is no exception to this metaphor when it comes to ensuring perfect finish and high quality on all of their products.

I see them to be one of the forefront pioneering ateliers, bringing about a revival of the understanding of the 'Street-Style, High-End & Couture'.

I drew inspiration from the culmination of these experiences, and have successfully been able to profile a 'Look Of The Day', that best sums my personality.

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Jeans : DIESEL , Top : KANSO , Sunglasses : RAYBAN , Boots : TRUFFLE 

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