Monday, October 3, 2016

Co-ordinated Rooftops

Berry lips, accent braids, iridescent makeup, crop tops, choker necklaces. I guess it's safe to say that in the cycle of Fashion 'what goes around, comes back around'.

The 90's are making a headline comeback worldwide, be it the catwalks or the streets. With the likes of Kendall Jenner, Cara Delevigne & Gigi Hadid leading the International style squad with exquisite variants of crop tops and choker necklaces.

Okay! Now, that we're all up to date about trending style fronts, let's move on to 'where to buy'. Fortunately I don't have to rummage through hordes of stores and boutiques.
Why? One might ask.
Stalk Buy Love! that's why!

I've recently acquired this beau of a blue ensemble, its called the 'Alaz'. A two-piece outfit, wear as is or split the combo. The off-shoulder crop top can be paired with just about anything and wearable anywhere. Similarly the mid-high waist shorts can be worn with an array of tops. I teamed them up with the gorgeous lace up heels by Steve Madden and quilted bag by Lavie

Chokers are one of my favorite bold accessory trend this season. Accessory/Jewellery designers all over the world are embracing this revival of the choker necklace,and we fashion crazed enthusiasts are loving the end results.

The 'Ring' Choker is a welcome new addition to our finely curated fashion at Mariposa Love. The black and white metal merged with a sense of chic and power, adds to one's outfit as the perfect statement accessory. We have spotted endless celebrities and bloggers around the world rocking these ring chokers.

I absolutely feel this outfit exudes my personal style, free like a bird, strong like a lioness!

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What i wore :

Choker : MARIPOSA LOVE , Two piece outfit : STALK BUY LOVE , Heels : STEVE MADDEN , Bag : LAVIE

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