Tuesday, October 18, 2016

ATARA by Namita Kataria

In the last decade India has witnessed a 'boom' in Fashion & Arts in all its aspects, enumerable brands and labels have come forth to present the population with apparels that appease the hunger of women & men alike.

Now, when it comes to putting India under the microscope, we've not got our ethnic wear but, there are styles, silhouettes, sleeve cuts, neck-lines to work with. And of course, since we already know that the list of brands is endless, both old and new. This is where, I as a blogger come to your aid.

I'd like to introduce you to Pune based designer Namita Kataria. She's completed her studies in Fashion Design and exudes a fierce passion for designing, incorporating this drive into her striking yet comfortably efficient designs, which she displays through her dream venture 'ATARA'.

Invariably catering to all sub-catagories of clothing : ethnic/traditional wear, wedding attires, casual/evening/formal wear, kids wear and bespoke custom fit tailoring. All that plus they have even branched into accessories design (footwear, jewelry etc).

The team at 'ATARA' strives for handcrafted perfection, producing innovative ensembles designed to sate the client's palate. The apparels by 'ATARA' are an enterprising concoction where in the finest weaves, threads and other surface ornamentation techniques are used.

Eargasm Today :

For my collaboration with 'ATARA' i did a shoot in 3 outfits from their collection.

Look 1 : Namita toned down the stiff authentic obi belt and incorporated it with a casual feel in this two piece ensemble, along with Mandarin cuffs she pairing it with a comfortable three-fourth palazzo. This Blue & White combo by 'ATARA' is a 'must-have' for all. It's perfect for anytime of the day or night, and just about any occasion.

Look 2. It's a kaftan, it's a salwar-kameez, I'm adoring the innovative mix of silhouette, sleeve & style. Whichever creative concoction inspired Namita, I don't care, I love it! Another outfit that is perfect anytime anywhere. Fun, Elegant, c'est maginifique.

Look 3. Simple is Chic, simple is bold; Gabrielle Chanel understood that and so does Namita Kataria. This quaint lehenga by 'ATARA' needs no additional styling. The peach-salmon hue sets a warm and cozy feel for the wearer along with a sense of pride in one's style statement. I'd say the subtle 'keyholes' add the right amount of tasteful sexiness. I can just picture it when Diwali finally gets here; the lights, the fireworks and me, in this beau of an ensemble.

From what i have witnessed, 'ATARA' truly does cover all realms of dressing clients, without a doubt they have it all, threads for everyone in the family. 

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