Wednesday, September 28, 2016

ARTSIE VILLE - Jewelry House Feature

An inevitable dilemma that many of us face, while getting dressed, what jewellery to wear? After all, the right piece of jewellery brings the whole outfit and look together. Put a woman's outfit into perspective, each item of clothing or accessory helps piece together a 'Statement'. A statement that expresses one's individuality, one's creative authenticity, one's sense of fashion.

'Artsie Ville', two words, one mission, to bring forth a host of hand-crafted jewellery in a variety of unique and bold accents that echo a welcome respite of quirk and style.

Based in New Delhi 'Artsie Ville' with their team of skilled craftsmen and masters, handcraft each piece with immense care and great efforts are put in the details of each work of art. Not only do they produce their own designs but also create masterpieces on custom orders. Brass moulded into intricate pieces of jewellery enamelled in a hue 'Brilliant Gold', their fusion inspired jewellery is perfect for every occasion, often or rare. Whether it be ethnic wear, western wear or fusion; street style or couture, 'Artsie Ville' has designs that will match whatever your wardrobe/closet has within.

I've picked out a few favorites from their collection and just love the combinations I came up with. First off, I paired The 'Amber' Earrings with a tropical print shoulder cutout top and sheer skirt. Et voila : "Subtle Chic".

Harry Potter had his hallows, and I think I found mine: The 'Bernice' Ring, The 'Beth' Necklace & The 'Daisey' Earrings. One words sums all three: Stunning! It works beautifully with this cocktail dress and I wouldn't be surprised it'd work spectacularly even if I'd been wearing an 'Oscars de la Renta'.

Finally, needless to say, I own a good number of Indian Ethnic Wear. Pairing The 'Clara' Ring and The 'Felisha' Earrings, styled with an elegant salwar-kameez, worked spot on to create a vibe of bold yet demure sophistication. C'est parfait.

You're not 'making a statement', You ARE 'The Statement'. I stand by those words, and so does 'Artsie Ville'. Their designs are elegant yet modern and fun; just like a smile, wearing it makes all the difference.

I picked out my favorites, now you go and pick yours.

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