Thursday, August 4, 2016

A Day With The New Maruti Alto 800

Hey guys! So as you must have seen my travel diary of Pune with the new Maruti Alto 800 on Instagram. I got to have a fun ride in the Alto 800 for a full day to explore the off beat spots in and around my city. 

The new Maruti Alto is super cute and compact but yet very spacious inside. The new aerodynamic and edgy design brings a fresh sporty appeal. The interiors are more spacious with new designer seats. The new Alto 800 comes with high efficiency gasoline engine using electronic throttle body for a peppier and smoother driving experience, as well as better fuel efficiency.

I took off early in the morning to catch the sunrise from the nearby hills, The Bhavdev Ghats. The morning sun breaking out through the hills, the magnificient rays hitting the fury of the monsoon clouds. The Bhavdev Ghat temple stood there so peacefully. My first destination in my new Maruti Alto 800. This is where i go to feel one with nature. 

After the sunrise i took off to the other end of my city, the Mulshi Lake. The drive was fantastic in the Alto with very effective air conditioning and the good music system to keep me grooving. A beautiful drive along the lake in my new Maruti Alto 800 brought me to this panoramic spot.The Mulshi Lake is a quick drive from the heart of the city. I love to come here for a picnic with my friends. A total stress buster!

After a few hours basking in the nature i decided to hit the city life. Evening come and i was back in the heart of the city in the new Maruti Alto 800. Finding a parking spot for the compact Alto was a breeze. I enjoy catching up with friends over some yummy drinks & food and good music. Swig is a great place to experience the young energetic life in Pune. 

After a frill time at Swig i decided to catch the sunset and city line view from a higher ground and Evivva Sky Lounge is the perfect place for me. So i quickly reached the Evviva Sky Lounge in my new Maruti Alto 800. Watching the city skyline while i sip on a chiller and groove to some deep house music is an incredible evening to me.

After a marvellous day in Pune City, comfortably driving in the new Maruti Alto 800, i drove to the hills surrounding my city to end my day. There is something about the twinkling lights and the gleefully setting sun that leaves me feeling so blessed and grateful. 

Thank you Maruti Alto 800 for a spectacular day!