Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Where Functionality Meets Style – The Samsung Gear S2

Function meets style with elegant curves and premium finishes with the Samsung Gear S2 wearable. The Gear S2 with its smooth and sleek look can be easily and perfectly paired with any outfit. I love black as it goes with absolutely any outfit, be it formals or casuals. With the colors and pattern of my dress, the wearable couldn’t look any classier and chic.

While the Gear S2 looks great with any feminine style, it looks amazing on men too.
Sarfaraz wore the Gear S2 with his crisp suit and the Gear S2 elegantly complimented the look, adding that sexy sleek appeal. Also there are many watch faces for men that look so classy and elegant. He says that he feels like just by changing the watch faces it feels like he is wearing a completely new watch. Isn’t that just amazing!

Thinking of the gym as well? The wearable looks really cool with a sporty look.
This Gear S2 comes with different sporty watch faces that you can choose from with even so many colors and designs. These watch faces give you a variety of options to choose from to match your everyday different gym wear.

Simply by going to the watch faces option and twisting the rotating bezel, or by pressing and holding the watch face, you can choose the perfect watch face that you want for your today’s look. The Gear S2 brings so much sophistication to any outfit and blends smoothly for any occasion or event.
An absolute keeper and one of my best buys this year!
Loving the Samsung Gear S2 and I would absolutely recommend it for any Samsung or android phone user.