Thursday, April 28, 2016

ShopOlympics 2016 - Phoenix Market City Pune

Hey guys! So last week i took part in the ShopOlympics 2016 at Phoenix Market City in Pune along with three other fashion bloggers. Our challenge was to create as many outfit looks in 60 minutes and within a budget of Rs 5000. The other bloggers who participated along with me were : Riya Jain, June Biswas and Madhumita. 

As everyone were given a specific store, I was assigned the Max store for creating my looks. I rushed there as the timer started and started browsing through their new spring summer collection. I was amazed at the wide variety of clothing and accessories, that too so reasonably priced. I was sure i can make 3 looks easily with that budget. Max store had some lovely summer prints, pastel colors, comfort fits and colorful accessories that i could play with. I took so much to the changing room, excited to try them on and put looks together. I did manage to create 3 looks within 60 minutes and a budget of Rs 5000.

Look 1 : Brunch Outfit

This is what i would wear to a Sunday brunch with my friends. Comfortable white shorts, a graphic tee and a floral kimono to finish the look. I love the kimono trend as they are a perfect cover up, is easy breezy for summers and you can add prints and colors to your simple solid color outfits. 

Look 2 : Date Outfit 

This is something i would wear for a cute romantic date. I love the off shoulder frill trend this summer season, and this top did total justice. I loved the vibrant blue color and I wore it with a pleated white and yellow skirt to keep the femininity. 

Look 3 : Fashion Night Out

This outfit reflects my personal style so much. I love easy fit shorts and stripes. I color blocked it with monochrome and pastels. When you are wearing pastels it is best to add a print that is not too bright but contrasting enough to bring out the pop of the pastel shade. I love how reasonable priced this look was. 

So after we created our looks, all us bloggers got together to share our experience in our respective stores and we could not wait to see what looks each of us had created. We all created many looks within a budget of Rs 5000. Isn't that amazing. Phoenix Market City Pune is definitely a perfect place to renew your summer wardrobe in a budget. 

We had a great time participating in the ShopOlympics and we will definitely be back to Phoenix market City to shop some more. 

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In photo : Madhumita, June Biswas, Natasha Shrotri and Riya Jain

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