Saturday, April 23, 2016

GEAR S2 Features – My Favourites

It is impressive how many bases Samsung has covered with its Samsung Gear S2. It certainly is a very polished unisex wearable that everyone will love to wear and make into an integral part of their workflow. The features on the watch are super cool, brings great utility and are very easy to use.

Here are some of the many features that I loved on the Gear S2 :
1) Controlling Music from the Gear S2 : On my first day out with the Gear S2, I was so giddy about being able to play my favorite tracks right from my wrist. I love how my Gear S2 easily connects with my phone’s music library and I have the controls on my wrist. It’s a fun sing along especially when you’re driving or in the gym.

2) Notifications on My Wrist :  Getting on with my busy schedule, my Gear S2 keeps me on track by notifying me of my reminders and task list saved up on my phone. With a quick buzz on my wrist, I’m quickly alerted with what next I have planned for my day. I usually have to line up social media posts, meetings with designers and my personal chores. The gear S2 reminds me of every small thing, which has made my life so much more simpler.

3) Fitness Tracker, S Health & Heart Rate Monitor : The Gear S2 is also a fitness tracker that keeps record of all the steps you’ve taken and shows it right on the screen while getting on with work. The Gear S2 also works with health fitness apps which helps me keep a close eye on the calories I consume and burn during the day helping me make healthy lifestyle choices. Have I mentioned it has a heart rate monitor too? Totally amazing right!

4) Water + Caffeine Intake Monitor : One function I find so amazing was ‘the water + coffee intake’ monitor. With every cup of water or coffee you take, you can keep score on your watch and when you’ve had too much coffee, your Gear S2 will be there to tell you. I always try to drink as much water as possible, and my Gear S2 helps me out like a friend.

5) Weather Updates : Getting ready to head out and wondering what the weather’s like? I can check the weather updates on my Gear S2 and I’ll be sure to get the temperature outside right on my wrist. Now a few turns of the bezel are all that I need to get all the info I want.

I am loving my Gear S2 experience as it makes my life so much more simpler and it has indeed become an integral part of my everyday life. The Samsung Gear S2 is no doubt a complete package!