Saturday, April 30, 2016

WRAPSTAR - Gifting Solutions

Wrapstar is a one-stop destination for all your gifting needs. 

Since its inception in 2006, Wrapstar Inc. founded by the sister duo Roohi Agnihotri and Surbhi Mehtani, provides unique gift wrapping solutions and products for truly all your needs. They cover all: Festivals & Occasions, Weddings, Birth Announcements, Invitations, Corporate Gifting, Party Favours and even "Just-Like-That"! 
In a very short period of time Wrapstar has rapidly moved in, explored the gifting concept and come out with new ideas and executed in all segments of the gifting market. This duo's fascination of presents and the excitement associated with opening the wrapper and seeing what is inside, has certainly brought them a long way.

It's nice to know that the basic idea behind gifting has not changed in all these years, but some problems remain forever constant: 
What would be an ideal gift? 
How should it be delivered? 
How should it be packed? 

Gifting is a creative endeavour and putting together a perfect gift is a challenge. Whether it is a return gift at your child’s birthday bash, an expensive corporate gift, a wedding invitation, the perfect house warming gift or a good old fashioned envelop. Choosing a gift, packaging it artfully and delivering it with panache is something that the 'Wrapstar Sisters' take great pride in.

While the gifting/wrapping business looks simple from the outside it requires a lot of hard work, the ability to innovate and find solutions when the clock is ticking. Since there is no fixed template or automation process involved every gift is customized and hand-made. The little details really are important, and Wrapstar's innovative achievement lies in the fact that every single gift is specially made depending on the exact requirement of the client. In high profile gifting, paying attention to the minute details is essential not only for Roohi amd Surbhi but for the entire team. They have built an excellent team who can handle it all and have never been a disappointment even in the toughest situations.

Along with providing one of the most sought after wrapping solutions, Wrapstar also brings to you a unique assortment of chic & contemporary lifestyle products to bring style to your home which includes Wall Decor, Flower Vases, Serving Trays, Picture Frames, Scones & Candle Stands and lots more.

Eargasm today:

This beautiful ethnic wooden set by Wrapstar will look great at any home. So elegant and sophisticated.

The elegant and pretty jewelry box is perfect storage for all my jewelry storage needs.

I loved the pen stand and tissue box by Wrapstar. A perfect gift for all of your friends and colleagues.  

I am in love with the bed breakfast table set by Wrapstar. I also use it as a laptop table when i work from bed. So beautiful and so functional for everyday. 

The ethnic wooden tray is a beautiful addition to your kitchen.

I absolutely loved all of Wrapstar's products. Functionality meets elegance for your everyday needs. I don't think i will look anywhere else for all my gifting and wrapping needs. They help you with great quality and beautifully crafted gifts to pamper your loved ones. Bravo!

Check out online store : 
Facebook :
or visit their stores in :
Delhi (118 Sector 15 A, Faridabad)
Pune (Montreal Business Centre, Tower II, Pallod Farms, Baner Road)

What i wore :

Exotica Kimono : MARIPOSA LOVE , Bag : Chanel by Label Centric 

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

ShopOlympics 2016 - Phoenix Market City Pune

Hey guys! So last week i took part in the ShopOlympics 2016 at Phoenix Market City in Pune along with three other fashion bloggers. Our challenge was to create as many outfit looks in 60 minutes and within a budget of Rs 5000. The other bloggers who participated along with me were : Riya Jain, June Biswas and Madhumita. 

As everyone were given a specific store, I was assigned the Max store for creating my looks. I rushed there as the timer started and started browsing through their new spring summer collection. I was amazed at the wide variety of clothing and accessories, that too so reasonably priced. I was sure i can make 3 looks easily with that budget. Max store had some lovely summer prints, pastel colors, comfort fits and colorful accessories that i could play with. I took so much to the changing room, excited to try them on and put looks together. I did manage to create 3 looks within 60 minutes and a budget of Rs 5000.

Look 1 : Brunch Outfit

This is what i would wear to a Sunday brunch with my friends. Comfortable white shorts, a graphic tee and a floral kimono to finish the look. I love the kimono trend as they are a perfect cover up, is easy breezy for summers and you can add prints and colors to your simple solid color outfits. 

Look 2 : Date Outfit 

This is something i would wear for a cute romantic date. I love the off shoulder frill trend this summer season, and this top did total justice. I loved the vibrant blue color and I wore it with a pleated white and yellow skirt to keep the femininity. 

Look 3 : Fashion Night Out

This outfit reflects my personal style so much. I love easy fit shorts and stripes. I color blocked it with monochrome and pastels. When you are wearing pastels it is best to add a print that is not too bright but contrasting enough to bring out the pop of the pastel shade. I love how reasonable priced this look was. 

So after we created our looks, all us bloggers got together to share our experience in our respective stores and we could not wait to see what looks each of us had created. We all created many looks within a budget of Rs 5000. Isn't that amazing. Phoenix Market City Pune is definitely a perfect place to renew your summer wardrobe in a budget. 

We had a great time participating in the ShopOlympics and we will definitely be back to Phoenix market City to shop some more. 

For more updates follow Phoenix Market City : Facebook , Instagram, Twitter  

In photo : Madhumita, June Biswas, Natasha Shrotri and Riya Jain

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Saturday, April 23, 2016

GEAR S2 Features – My Favourites

It is impressive how many bases Samsung has covered with its Samsung Gear S2. It certainly is a very polished unisex wearable that everyone will love to wear and make into an integral part of their workflow. The features on the watch are super cool, brings great utility and are very easy to use.

Here are some of the many features that I loved on the Gear S2 :
1) Controlling Music from the Gear S2 : On my first day out with the Gear S2, I was so giddy about being able to play my favorite tracks right from my wrist. I love how my Gear S2 easily connects with my phone’s music library and I have the controls on my wrist. It’s a fun sing along especially when you’re driving or in the gym.

2) Notifications on My Wrist :  Getting on with my busy schedule, my Gear S2 keeps me on track by notifying me of my reminders and task list saved up on my phone. With a quick buzz on my wrist, I’m quickly alerted with what next I have planned for my day. I usually have to line up social media posts, meetings with designers and my personal chores. The gear S2 reminds me of every small thing, which has made my life so much more simpler.

3) Fitness Tracker, S Health & Heart Rate Monitor : The Gear S2 is also a fitness tracker that keeps record of all the steps you’ve taken and shows it right on the screen while getting on with work. The Gear S2 also works with health fitness apps which helps me keep a close eye on the calories I consume and burn during the day helping me make healthy lifestyle choices. Have I mentioned it has a heart rate monitor too? Totally amazing right!

4) Water + Caffeine Intake Monitor : One function I find so amazing was ‘the water + coffee intake’ monitor. With every cup of water or coffee you take, you can keep score on your watch and when you’ve had too much coffee, your Gear S2 will be there to tell you. I always try to drink as much water as possible, and my Gear S2 helps me out like a friend.

5) Weather Updates : Getting ready to head out and wondering what the weather’s like? I can check the weather updates on my Gear S2 and I’ll be sure to get the temperature outside right on my wrist. Now a few turns of the bezel are all that I need to get all the info I want.

I am loving my Gear S2 experience as it makes my life so much more simpler and it has indeed become an integral part of my everyday life. The Samsung Gear S2 is no doubt a complete package!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Where Functionality Meets Style – The Samsung Gear S2

Function meets style with elegant curves and premium finishes with the Samsung Gear S2 wearable. The Gear S2 with its smooth and sleek look can be easily and perfectly paired with any outfit. I love black as it goes with absolutely any outfit, be it formals or casuals. With the colors and pattern of my dress, the wearable couldn’t look any classier and chic.

While the Gear S2 looks great with any feminine style, it looks amazing on men too.
Sarfaraz wore the Gear S2 with his crisp suit and the Gear S2 elegantly complimented the look, adding that sexy sleek appeal. Also there are many watch faces for men that look so classy and elegant. He says that he feels like just by changing the watch faces it feels like he is wearing a completely new watch. Isn’t that just amazing!

Thinking of the gym as well? The wearable looks really cool with a sporty look.
This Gear S2 comes with different sporty watch faces that you can choose from with even so many colors and designs. These watch faces give you a variety of options to choose from to match your everyday different gym wear.

Simply by going to the watch faces option and twisting the rotating bezel, or by pressing and holding the watch face, you can choose the perfect watch face that you want for your today’s look. The Gear S2 brings so much sophistication to any outfit and blends smoothly for any occasion or event.
An absolute keeper and one of my best buys this year!
Loving the Samsung Gear S2 and I would absolutely recommend it for any Samsung or android phone user.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Liwa - Snooze In Style

You guys always see me all dolled up and dressed up, but when i am home i always look for comfort. Liwa is a brand which makes pajama sets and night wear and strives for comfort for every woman. They have some really cute prints which i fell in love with. This zebra print jammies be my favorite!
I usually don't photograph myself in my jammies but i think it looks just so cute i didn't mind.
Shot some before bedtime shots in my bedroom and morning after shots in my balcony. (PS : Sorry about the makeup, i am usually bare faced at home :P) 
Nothing better than a pair of adorable and comfortable jammies! Right?!

Check out more : Liwa Facebook , Liwa Instagram 

Eargasm today :

Check out more about LIWA : Liwa Facebook , Liwa Instagram 

Photography :


Eargasm today :

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Samsung Gear S2 - Unboxing

It's finally here! My Samsung Gear S2 Wearable. And I have to say that Samsung has once again made an easily accessible masterpiece.
I was very excited to un-box this cute circular Gear S2 box. I got the black one and was very thrilled about it, because as a blogger black is naturally classy and easy to match with any outfit. The wearable has a matte finish that gives it a really appealing smooth and sleek look. The Gear S2 has detachable wrist band that also comes in a smaller wrist size which just shows the thoughtfulness of Samsung. 

Inside the box there is a nice little wireless charging dock. Say goodbye to tangling wires as it has a magnetic hold onto your charging dock to top up your battery. It’s that easy! Charging the Gear S2 could not be any simpler!
The really great thing about the Gear S2 is that it not only works with Samsung Phones but is compatible with other android phones as well. Phones with Android 4.4 and higher OS and having minimum 1.5 GB RAM are compatible with it.

First I downloaded the Gear S2 app on my android phone. After downloading the app, get the Gear S2 paired and connected to your phone and you're set! You'll start receiving all your phone's notifications right on your wrist, I mean how cool is that? 

Now you can customize your Gear S2 the way you want. Choose settings you're best comfortable with and widgets which are most applicable to you and your lifestyle. 

I was so impressed with how easy it was to set up and get familiar with the Gear S2. The Gear S2 is perfectly user friendly and is a total stunner!