Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Zingo Hub

Being an entrepreneur myself, i know what goes into innovation, and creating a product and a brand. Once you have an idea, you need backup and execution. But sometimes even though you have an idea and a product ready, it is not that simple to reach out to the consumers, and have a platform to connect with a community which will guide you on your mission. To make it simpler there is a platform for brands, innovators and creators called ZingoHub

ZingoHub is home to world’s best emerging brands & ideas. With them you can discover unique projects and interact with inspiring people from the global community. ZingoHub can help you share your project idea and get backed up by the community, also set up a store and reach out to specific consumers who are looking for innovative designs and ideas. 

I went through their website and found so many start up brands and individuals who are bringing interesting designs to the table. Exactly what I look for when I’m shopping online. Two of the brands that caught my fancy were Woodgeek and Clovve.

Woodgeek : 
Woodgeek is a brand that incorporates their passion and love for everything wooden into creating really cool products out of wood. Their passion for wood comes from the years spent in the plywood manufacturing industry. They bring us natural, sustainable and eco-friendly products. We have seen the functionality of wood in our lives and using it the way they have is fantastic. I tried on their wooden sunglasses and loved the quality and craftsmanship. The sunglasses are super light, durable hinges and has polarised lens with UV protection. So innovative and chic!

Check out their entire collection : WOODGEEK 

Clovve :
Clovve is a brand that believes in creating leather products, which are affordable, aids you in day-to-day life and yet look luxurious for you to flaunt your style. Their products are handcrafted and made of top quality genuine leather, which is durable and elegant. I bought their handcrafted vintage lock notebook. I love the vintage appeal and the durabilty. The cover is made of leather which adds the durability and uniqueness. It is a notebook i love to carry everyday in my bag as it adds uniqueness and mirrors my personal style. 

Check out their entire collection : CLOVVE 

At ZingoHub you can create pre-order or crowdfunding campaigns for quirky designs to innovate and diversify your fashion.  Crowdfunding is a method of raising funds for an idea through the collective effort of friends, family and customers. It allows a crowd to back an idea in exchange for tangible, non-monetary rewards such as an e-card, t-shirt or the finished product. The dedicated crowdfunding section brings ideas to life. It allows brands, innovators and creators to raise funds and validate ideas by opening doors to potential backers. It is an amazing feature to kick start your ideas into a business plan. 

Know more here : ZingoHub 

Check it out to start experimenting with your ideas and shop some innovative stuff : ZingoHub 

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