Saturday, January 30, 2016

ETHER - Design House Feature

Hey guys! Hope you are all having a fabulous weekend. 
Today i am bringing to you the designs from an online designer store by Shivani Kapadia called 'Ether'. 

Shivani Kapadia is an engineer turned fashion designer who is the founder and designer of Ether. Her vision is to reach out to every woman to make them feel beautiful and confidant without pretense. 
She says "All of us aspire to be fashion icons but few actually wear what they believe in. I wanted Ether to help women dress where they find the luxury and comfort to express themselves. To be elegant and love themselves for who they are. I strongly believe that every woman has a voice, about her life, the way she dresses and the way she lives. But many hesitate to say it out loud. One of the best ways to voice that freedom she seldom gets is to dress herself in what she loves. Fashion then to every woman is her way of breaking traditions, being bold."

I had the pleasure to style and feel her garments and i must say i am impressed by the quality Ether offers. Each piece is beautifully crafted and hand embroidered to perfection. The designs are classic and ooze elegance. I feel these are the garments that will last you a long time and you would adore the sparkle in your closet. 

Check out their online store here : ETHER 

Eargarm today :


What i wore :

Ocean sequin skirt

Bag : Forever 21 , Shoes : Koovs


What i wore :

Neva Pintuck Peasant Top

Skirt : Topshop , Bag : Louis Vuitton , Shoes : Koovs


What i wore :

Nora Two-Toned Empire Waist Dress

Bag : Chanel , Shoes : Koovs

Photography :

Location :

C.T.S. No. 37 & 37/1, Bund Garden Road, Next to Jehangir Hospital
Pune, Maharashtra | 020-67248181

Eargarm today :

Monday, January 25, 2016

The Pink Fur

Catching up on the big trend this season, the cozy fur coats. I am in love with this pink coat i got from She Inside for this winter season. The color is adorable and the quality is great for the price you pay. The coat is lightweight and is perfect for the Indian winters. I like to throw it on any outfit to make it look so chic and trendy. Today i wore it over a little black dress and thigh high boots. This pastel pink goes so brilliantly with an all black outfit and since i wear black mostly when i am in doubt, this coat completes the look perfectly. 
I love collaborating with She Inside because their customer service is impeccable and i can't miss the value for money. The delivery takes about 1-2 weeks and i don't need to pay any customs on delivery. 

Shot this outfit at the Evviva sky lounge at Courtyard Marriott with Abhishek Verma as the photographer and Priya Haridas coordinating the shoot. Evviva lounge is located on the roof the hotel and has a stunning view of the entire city. Perfect for a night out with your friends or special someone for some yummy drinks and dinner overlooking the city lights. 

Here is the link to the coat : She Inside  

Eargasm today :

What i wore :

Coat : She Inside , Dress : Ether , Boots : Koovs , Bag : Vintage Chanel

Photography :

Location :

C.T.S. No. 37 & 37/1, Bund Garden Road, Next to Jehangir Hospital
Pune, Maharashtra | 020-67248181

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

CHIC HOUSE - Designer House Feature

Today’s Designer House Feature is 'CHIC HOUSE'.
Chic House is a premium fashion online store which houses designs of India’s multiple designers. They host an array of designer wear, accessories and home decor products which can be shopped online from the comfort of your home. 

The enterprising duo, Krati Valecha and Saakshi Mirchandani are the founders of this online experience of multi designers under one virtual roof. India’s established and emerging young designers are now accessible to clientele across the country. CHIC HOUSE promises to charm those who love to have a slice of luxury in their everyday life.

CHIC HOUSE also provides customers the option to touch, feel and see the designs in person before they buy it online. I personally think it is a very useful option when it comes to shopping online and removes the doubts we have about fit and fabric quality. 

From designer wear brands like THREE, Mayank Anand & Shraddha Nigam and other design labels including Crazyheart, Pre-Ri, Karishma Rana, Urbane, Simone by Simran and several others, to a range of accessories from brands like Loupe, Marsala by Nisha Agarwal, Kichu, Malleka Gush. And it doesn’t stop there. CHIC HOUSE goes beyond our personal fashion needs to jazz up our living space with a line of home decor brands that include names like Rayden Design Studio and Team Embellish.

Other designers i loved on their website are Tussah (contemporary wear), Karishma Rana (couture wear) and Nestaah (ethnic jewellery). 

Today as a part of this feature, i got to style a few of their clothing and jewellery. I really liked their website navigation, customer service, delivery and quality of every product. 

Check out their website here : CHIC HOUSE

Eargasm today :

Shilpa K

Shilpa Khandelwal's line of Pret and Bridal couture is called ‘Shilpa K’. A whirlwind of romance with lush fabrics that started as a young girl has evolved into a relationship with sensuality as the years have passed. She has adorned the racks at Aza and Melange in Bombay. 

Shoes : Zara 

Shoes : Zara
Bag : Stalk Buy Love
Bracelets : Mariposa Love 


Edgy and chic, Malleka jewellery knows how to make a statement. I love the warrior princess vibes of these pieces, it adds an edge to all my feminine clothing. 

Shoes : Shuz Touch

Dress : Sonam Vaswani
Earrings : Micare

Photography : 

Location :

Eargasm today :

Monday, January 11, 2016

ETHNIC ROUTE - Design House Feature

I have always a been a fan of Ethnic Route, an online design house. It is a pleasure to showcase their designs yet again on my blog. They have some beautiful ethnic and western designs which they customise according to one's measurements. I had a very good experience ordering my outfits online as their stitching techniques are very good giving me the perfect fit. They offer wide variety of designs for the Choli which they make it perfectly to your measures. I am very happy with the design of the choli and how it fits me perfectly. 

Check out their website : ETHNIC ROUTE

Eargasm today :

Here are the 3 outfits i styled from their ETHNIQUE collection :

This lovely lahenga is from their in-house design called ETHNIQUE. I love the color combination and the simplicity of this lahenga, so elegant and pretty. Perfect to throw on your statement jewelry to compete the outfit. 

Jewelry : Jewel Couture

High low maxi dresses are so dreamy and elegant. The flow of this dress is lovely which gives it all the charm. I wore mine with a pair of two strap shiny heels and hair in romantic curls. 

Shoes : Koovs

Winter is here and this black velvet zari border shawl/stole is perfect for any night out to keep warm in style. It can be worn over a simple little dress or your favorite ethnic wear which needs a bit of warmth for those chilly nights. Check out the three ways i wore mine, over a little black dress. 

1. The stole in cape style

2. The stole as an accessory

3. The stole as a wrap dress

Jewelry : Jewel Couture 
Heels and Dress : Zara

Check out their website : ETHNIC ROUTE

Photography :

Location :

Eargasm today :

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Thursday, January 7, 2016

BEST OF 2015 - Memories and Outfits

Hey guys! Wish you all a very Happy New Year again. 2015 for me was just a crazy rollercoaster. I had the craziest time of my life for sure. From work to personal front, it was a ride. A ride i won't forget for the rest of my life.

I never usually disclose my personal matters to social media, like i don't share much of my family, or inside my home or my relationship issues. But this past year has taught me so much and brought along so much of change in me as an individual that i feel stronger and immensely grateful for everything and everyone in my life who have supported and loved me. 
Last to last year was the end to my ten year relationship with a man, who i still respect and care for. It was the toughest time of my life for sure. I was suddenly on my own (which was pretty scary for the first few months) but then i decided to go with my life long dream of starting my own fashion store and even started blogging full time. I realised i had a thirst for knowledge and craving for diving into the unknown. It was a process to evolve my engineer brain into a business woman's. I met a fabulous man on this path who helped me find myself internally and to have courage to face anything that came my way. Also my parents and sister, the most beautiful people inside out, always by my side in thick and thin. The love from these four angels gave me the courage to do what i am doing now, to smile and laugh the way i do now. 

So there were many new beginnings in 2015, so many new friends i made and so much amazing work came along. 
All i can say is, follow your excitement, follow your passion, follow your heart! It knows the way!

Eargasm today :

Best Memories of 2015

1. New Year Eve and first week of 2015 in Goa

2. Lakme Fashion Week

3. Started my online store

4. Collaborations with these amazing bloggers

5. Met Hrithik Roshan while my boy shot with him for a commercial. 

6. Launch of Forever 21 in Pune with Arjun Rampal and VJ Anusha. This is one memory because i shopped a little too much this day as we were the first in this brand new store. 

7. My Birthday on 24th July. Aw! Felt so loved this day by my homies and they made it so so special.

8. This photo went viral i think. Hit my highest likes ever on Instagram!

9. Shooting with Priya and India. So many outfits, so much mess, yet so much fun!

10. Halloween Super Powers.

11. Goa again with Surf. Had such a chill time on the beach, kayaking, boat rides, exploring beaches, sun soaking and eating like a pig. 

12. Paartayyy and music festivals. NH7 and EVC and many more parties that were not documented. 

Best outfits of 2015

1. Coca cola top by a Bandra store called FussPot.
Shot at F Beach House by Anand Mohapatra.

2. Orange bandage dress bought in Hong Kong
Shot at F Beach House by Surbhi Jain

3. Stars above crop top by
Shot at J.W. Marriott Pune by Surbhi Jain

4. Ethnic Wear

Lahenga by Ethnic Route shot by Surbhi Jain

Outfit by Ethnic Couture shot by Priya Haridas

5. Sunsoaking in Pretty Secrets swimsuit shot by Priya Haridas

6. Valentines Day outfit, Shot by Blogger friend June Biswas.

7. Popsicle top by
Shot by Surbhi Jain

8. Lilac crop top and bum shorts.
Shot at JW Marriott by Akash Jagtap

9. Roof Shoots with beautiful Pune sky for Mariposa Love.
Shot by Priya Haridas

10. Couture wear by Ridz Castell.
Shot at Hyatt hotel by Surbhi Jain.

11. Pink outfits by Curve Theories
Shot by Priya Haridas.

12. Couture wear by Sonam Vaswani.
Shot at JW Marriott by Dhruv Dixit.

 2015 was amazing indeed!

Eargasm today :