Thursday, December 29, 2016

Platinum Day Of Love : Platinum Love Bands

Platinum Day of Love! What do you think this means? It signifies something deeper and more glorious than just words. It is a day you find love which is pure, true and eternal. Finding real love is not easy, as we are all, on the lookout for our twin flame. For those lucky souls who do find their soulmates, it is an extremely special moment in their journey of life, something to celebrate in full glory!

“What better way to express how you feel to the one you love with a Platinum Love Band”

Monday, December 19, 2016

DEAL JEANS - The Party Girl

With Christmas around the corner and New Year Eve following up, I am sure that many must be going frantic hunting for the perfect outfits. After all it's a weekend full of 'Christmas Merriness’ and parties.

Many factors come to play an important role in picking one's look!
  • What's in fashion?
  • What colors to work with?
  • Which, cuts, patterns and/or silhouettes are trending?
Trust me when I say, I understand your dilemma.

Even if I do know about "what's hot and what's not"; shopping still doesn't get any easier.

Deal Jeans recently launched the "Party Collection", a collection that caters to the young urban women of today. A brand after my own heart, Deal Jeans aims to fulfill every girls' desire to own a wardrobe that is fashion forward, trend appropriate and compliments one's figure.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Savannah by OCM - Embracing The Indo Western

At a wedding function, at a cocktail party, or to the office - one could choose ‘fusion fashion’ and walk in gracefully.
Fusion fashion is the most sought after trend for the modern woman, regardless of the occasion. The one reason why indo-fusion fashion is so loved by the modern Indian woman is because it incorporates western touches to our existing ethnic outfits which we never want to part from.
Recently we have seen a lot of celebrities opting for ethnic fusion outfits for events and I personally think it is fabulous way to be unique and fashionable.
Today, I am collaborating with the new brand Savannah in the fusion fashion space.
Savannah is made of lawn cotton which is one of the world’s best cottons. It is soft, takes colour printing extremely well, and makes for meticulous finish and an attractive drape.

Trend Alert - The Sock Boots

Every season we see trends coming in, like last summer the white sneakers took the fashion world by storm. This winter let's all hail 'The Sock Boots'. Yep! You heard it right. A hybrid of heels and socks, they have become the unlikely big shoe trend of 2016. It sounds confronting, but when you see how these fashion-girls and celebrities have styled them, or designers like Phillip Lim and Versace have interpreted them, you'll want a pair pronto. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

HIDESIGN : The Luxury Leather House

The designer fashion world is not often a place that adheres to the old adage about less being more, but when it comes to leather goods, sometimes it's true. Bags designed to be sleek are generally made of beautiful materials and are more likely to have careful, considered finishes, after all, they're the only things you see when you look at a bag that's free of extraneous design elements.

Hidesign, a brand that takes pride in the minute details of the craftsmanship in all its creations of leather handbags, clutches and wallets. Founded in 1978, Hidesign has brought an alternative perspective to the serious shoppers. For over three decades Hidesign has brought nothing but the best in design and style for the ever-so-keen shopping connoisseurs.

Monday, November 21, 2016

The Indian Couture - Kalki Fashion

 I feel a change coming over, a shift in the understanding of what people want and what people need. Fashion in India is no longer subjected solely to mass production for the masses. With the youth finally taking over the reigns, India is set to enter the international fashion frontier with new designers and artists. 

In the past few posts you must've noticed that I mention the increase in ateliers that are finally catering to what I and many like me, love. The fashion house 'Kalki', caters to the eclectic tastes of their clientele, taking the next step from High-End to Couture; offering a fresh take on ethnic wear in all forms of pattern-cuts and silhouettes. From the stunning Lehenga-Cholis, Sarees & Salwar-Kurtas with intricate embellished and embroidered details, to the exclusively designed wedding trousseau in an array of high-quality fabrics and in an assortment of over thousand varied styles, 'Kalki' is yet another ultimate shopping spot to stop at.

'Kalki' puts aside the stereotypical approach of apparel making in India, and ups the ante with a fusion of the old and the new along with a variety of embellishing and embroidery techniques. 

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Basics Done Right - Diesel + Kanso

As a person who's constantly on the hunt for something new, something relevant, the DIESEL 'Denim Master Studio', was truly a breath of fresh air. They've already been a massive hit in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Bangalore, and now, finally they've brought it to Pune. This concept by DIESEL is something that I feel truly would appeal to everybody. The 'Denim Master Studio' is where you've to be if you're one who loves customised denims, be it your jeans and/or jackets. You get a tรชte-ร -tรชte with the 'Denim Masters', who've been trained under strict guidance in Italy, to assist the clientele in sharing their ideas of customisation.

 It was on a day like any other, nothing beyond the ordinary; that was until I entered the DIESEL 'Denim Master Studio'. 

Monday, November 7, 2016

Kenzo X H&M

Kenzo x H&M is a collaboration that speaks to the world.  
We have been treated to enticing tidbits ever since the news was announced about this collaboration back in May, but the anticipation is finally over. The much buzzed about collaboration between Kenzo and H&M was launched worldwide this month on the 3rd.  
The collection captures the colourful and vibrant essence from the world of Kenzo, while collaborating with H&M to reach out to a wider audience, which is what the Paris based brand was going for. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

ATARA by Namita Kataria

In the last decade India has witnessed a 'boom' in Fashion & Arts in all its aspects, enumerable brands and labels have come forth to present the population with apparels that appease the hunger of women & men alike.

Now, when it comes to putting India under the microscope, we've not got our ethnic wear but, there are styles, silhouettes, sleeve cuts, neck-lines to work with. And of course, since we already know that the list of brands is endless, both old and new. This is where, I as a blogger come to your aid.

I'd like to introduce you to Pune based designer Namita Kataria. She's completed her studies in Fashion Design and exudes a fierce passion for designing, incorporating this drive into her striking yet comfortably efficient designs, which she displays through her dream venture 'ATARA'.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Froyo Friday Girls

Trying to make Froyo Fridays a ritual now. Was so much fun hanging with my sister Nikita and Priya for delish loads of Froyo at Menchies in Koregaon Park, Pune. Thank you Priya for capturing so many candid moments of us. Nothing like a day out with the girls, get nails done, grab a froyo, click fun pictures and then hit a bar for some happy hour cocktails and groove to moonwalk beats. 
Viernes Perfecto! 

Monday, October 3, 2016

Co-ordinated Rooftops

Berry lips, accent braids, iridescent makeup, crop tops, choker necklaces. I guess it's safe to say that in the cycle of Fashion 'what goes around, comes back around'.

The 90's are making a headline comeback worldwide, be it the catwalks or the streets. With the likes of Kendall Jenner, Cara Delevigne & Gigi Hadid leading the International style squad with exquisite variants of crop tops and choker necklaces.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

ARTSIE VILLE - Jewelry House Feature

An inevitable dilemma that many of us face, while getting dressed, what jewellery to wear? After all, the right piece of jewellery brings the whole outfit and look together. Put a woman's outfit into perspective, each item of clothing or accessory helps piece together a 'Statement'. A statement that expresses one's individuality, one's creative authenticity, one's sense of fashion.

'Artsie Ville', two words, one mission, to bring forth a host of hand-crafted jewellery in a variety of unique and bold accents that echo a welcome respite of quirk and style.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Pune Fashion Week - Fashion Knowledge Series

Hey guys! Pune Fashion Week is here! This weekend, 24th & 25th September.
It is time to bring out the true fashionista in you, right in the heart of the city of Pune. 

Introducing this year is the - Fashion Knowledge SeriesThe concept of which is, to get renowned speakers share their journey, inspire people, promote fashion education by talking about various topics like ethical, social fashion, color psychology etc. The students also get an opportunity to have an interactive session with the PFW 6 participating designers. 

Register now and be a part of PFW '16.
Hope to see you there! 

All details are mentioned below :

Monday, September 5, 2016

Sequin Lips

Going easy breezy chic today in this casual outfit. I love a white tee with quirky prints as it makes such a fun and comfy choice for a day out. I found this tee on SheIn and it was love at first sight. I paired the tee with my leather studded skirt, glitter sneakers and my Louis Vuitton speedy. I love playing with sequins and glitter not just for a classy night look but on a casual day look as well. Just have fun with it!

Thursday, August 25, 2016


The vanilla sky evening was just 'Parfait'! What is perfect for you? If nothing in particular then just make your outfit perfect with the PARFAIT clutch by Cheeky Nation. You can now shop the super chic slogan clutches by Cheeky Nation on Mariposa Love. 

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Red By Purva Pardeshi - Designer Feature

Like an Indian princess, strong and regal, yet feminine and enchanting. That is how i felt in this gorgeous creation by RED by Purva Pardeshi. I love how she makes the Indian bandhini fabric into something so modern and exciting, like this gown with a long train. 
Red by Purva Pardeshi is a brand extensively into exclusive couture clothing and propagating to make fashion available with clean cuts and lines. Red is fun, quirky, liberal and innovative with it's fair designs, highlighting India embroidery with a twist. 

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Lily Lace Dress by Mariposa Love

I am absolutely in love with the Lily Lace Dress by MARIPOSA LOVE. It is a two piece dress in pretty pastel lace. I also wear them seperately, like the skirt with a graphic tee and sneakers or the top with denim shorts and heels. Wearing them together is so elegant though, perfect for a cocktail party or a night out.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

A Day With The New Maruti Alto 800

Hey guys! So as you must have seen my travel diary of Pune with the new Maruti Alto 800 on Instagram. I got to have a fun ride in the Alto 800 for a full day to explore the off beat spots in and around my city. 

The new Maruti Alto is super cute and compact but yet very spacious inside. The new aerodynamic and edgy design brings a fresh sporty appeal. The interiors are more spacious with new designer seats. The new Alto 800 comes with high efficiency gasoline engine using electronic throttle body for a peppier and smoother driving experience, as well as better fuel efficiency.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Aztec Beach Vibes

Day well spent on the beach! So we visited Thailand this month and found this gem of a beach on the north of the island of Koh Phangan called Chaloklum. It has this very colorful vibe with flags and vibrant boats around. I wore this Aztec dress by Mariposa Love and this dress went so well with this background. Thailand is such a beautiful place with such warm people and delicious cuisine which made me fall in love with it a bit too much. I can't wait to go back there again!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Birthday Girl 2016 - Outfit and Giveaway

Hey Guys! 24th July was my birthday and i had a blast with my family and friends. Thank you to all of you for the amazing messages and birthday cards. I feel forever grateful for your love and support, and it means the world to me.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

GIVEAWAY - Favorite Hair Products

INSTAGRAM Giveaway time! Yayyyy!
These are my all time favorite hair products.

The Wella Brilliance Shampoo makes my hair so shiny and it is perfect for colored hair. Its formula is infused with antioxidant action that carefully protects keratin from harmful free radicals for longer lasting and healthy looking colored hair, leaving even fine hair full of shine and vitality, and thick hair irresistibly smooth and soft to the touch. 

The Philips hair curler gets me those perfect bouncy curls. A 32mm curling tong and ceramic coating sets this curling iron apart from the rest. Seize the moment of your magnetic style and let it last. I love those loose curls

Finish your style with controlled fixation. The Wella setting spray keeps my hair style perfectly set and soft for hours and hours. I love that it does not set my hair crisp but leaves it really soft and shiny.

Guess what I'm giving away all the three lovely products to one lucky person ๐Ÿ’•

How to enter the giveaway : 

Head to this link

and follow all the rules.
Multiple entries will increase your chances to win. Tag as many friends as you like. Winner will be announced on Saturday. Contest is only for India. Please drop your entries on the instagram post.
Enter now to win my favorite hair goodies ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

Monday, June 13, 2016

Shoes Crush : INTOTO

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” These iconic words were spoken by fashion icon Marilyn Monroe. I also believe the right shoes does give us women a sense of confidence. I am myself a shoe crazy girl who will never say “I have enough shoes.”  I am always hunting for brands of shoes in India who make trendy chic shoes, a brand that understands the changing trends and also within a decent budget. Intoto is a brand that specialises in trendy shoes for fashion conscious women. Their collection does resonate with my style and the designs keep up with the fashion trends. 

Here is a link of their online store : INTOTO.IN

They also have an exclusive collection for KOOVS, have a look : KOOVS X INTOTO

Eargasm Today :

1. The Shopping Block Flatforms 

Flatforms are very trendy right now and these by Intoto are just gorgeous. I love the pastel pink color and the comfortable fit. The shoes are also super light so it is so easy to walk in them.

Here is a link to shop : Shopping Block Flatforms 

What i wore :

Skirt : MARIPOSA LOVE , Sunglasses : MARIPOSA LOVE , Bag : PRADA , Top : KOOVS 

2. The Page 3 Heels 

Every woman needs a pair of red pumps to match with that red pout. I love this gorgeous pair by Intoto as it goes perfectly with every outfit and the shape is so elegant. I will suggest you buy one size up for the perfect fit as it runs small. 

Shop here : Page 3 Heels

What i wore :


3. Heelium Denim Heels 

Now who doesn't wears denims. I am loving these denim pumps by Intoto as they are so unique and chic. The shoes are super comfortable even though the heel is pretty high. I had no issues walking around and it sole is soft inside. I wore it with a complete denim look as i am a total denim baby!

Shop here : Heelium Denim Heels 

What i wore :

Denim jacket : KOOVS , Tee : Forever 21 , Bag : Stalk Buy Love , Denim shorts : She Inside 

4. It's The Time To Disco! Heels 

Wow heels by Intoto. I love the texture and shape of these heels, absolutely elegant. These heels also come in many colors so you are spoilt for choice. I will suggest buying a size up for a perfect fit as this design runs small. 

Hope you all enjoyed the post as much as i enjoying shooting in these gorgeous shoes. 
Do check out INTOTO and their shop new collection. 

Eargasm Today :

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

GIVEAWAY - Aztec Backpack

Hey guys! Giveaway time!!
 I know how much you guys loved this aztec print backpack when i posted it the last time. The backpack is so vibrant, bohemian and so chic. Goes perfectly with any jeans and tee look.  
I am giving away one backpack to one lucky person along with Spoyl as a partner. 

Head to my Instagram : natasha_shrotri to put in your entries! 

Winner will be announced on Sunday 12th June. Giveaway is only for India.

All the best! Mwah!

Oh Lucy!

Lucy bodysuit by : MARIPOSA LOVE

Eargasm Today :

Saturday, April 30, 2016

WRAPSTAR - Gifting Solutions

Wrapstar is a one-stop destination for all your gifting needs. 

Since its inception in 2006, Wrapstar Inc. founded by the sister duo Roohi Agnihotri and Surbhi Mehtani, provides unique gift wrapping solutions and products for truly all your needs. They cover all: Festivals & Occasions, Weddings, Birth Announcements, Invitations, Corporate Gifting, Party Favours and even "Just-Like-That"! 
In a very short period of time Wrapstar has rapidly moved in, explored the gifting concept and come out with new ideas and executed in all segments of the gifting market. This duo's fascination of presents and the excitement associated with opening the wrapper and seeing what is inside, has certainly brought them a long way.

It's nice to know that the basic idea behind gifting has not changed in all these years, but some problems remain forever constant: 
What would be an ideal gift? 
How should it be delivered? 
How should it be packed? 

Gifting is a creative endeavour and putting together a perfect gift is a challenge. Whether it is a return gift at your child’s birthday bash, an expensive corporate gift, a wedding invitation, the perfect house warming gift or a good old fashioned envelop. Choosing a gift, packaging it artfully and delivering it with panache is something that the 'Wrapstar Sisters' take great pride in.

While the gifting/wrapping business looks simple from the outside it requires a lot of hard work, the ability to innovate and find solutions when the clock is ticking. Since there is no fixed template or automation process involved every gift is customized and hand-made. The little details really are important, and Wrapstar's innovative achievement lies in the fact that every single gift is specially made depending on the exact requirement of the client. In high profile gifting, paying attention to the minute details is essential not only for Roohi amd Surbhi but for the entire team. They have built an excellent team who can handle it all and have never been a disappointment even in the toughest situations.

Along with providing one of the most sought after wrapping solutions, Wrapstar also brings to you a unique assortment of chic & contemporary lifestyle products to bring style to your home which includes Wall Decor, Flower Vases, Serving Trays, Picture Frames, Scones & Candle Stands and lots more.

Eargasm today:

This beautiful ethnic wooden set by Wrapstar will look great at any home. So elegant and sophisticated.

The elegant and pretty jewelry box is perfect storage for all my jewelry storage needs.

I loved the pen stand and tissue box by Wrapstar. A perfect gift for all of your friends and colleagues.  

I am in love with the bed breakfast table set by Wrapstar. I also use it as a laptop table when i work from bed. So beautiful and so functional for everyday. 

The ethnic wooden tray is a beautiful addition to your kitchen.

I absolutely loved all of Wrapstar's products. Functionality meets elegance for your everyday needs. I don't think i will look anywhere else for all my gifting and wrapping needs. They help you with great quality and beautifully crafted gifts to pamper your loved ones. Bravo!

Check out online store : 
Facebook :
or visit their stores in :
Delhi (118 Sector 15 A, Faridabad)
Pune (Montreal Business Centre, Tower II, Pallod Farms, Baner Road)

What i wore :

Exotica Kimono : MARIPOSA LOVE , Bag : Chanel by Label Centric 

Eargasm today: