Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Bacardi Enchanted Valley Carnival 2015

Bacardi Enchanted Valley Carnival (BEVC) is a unique festival property with was introduced to the Indian audiences in 2013. Bacardi Enchanted Valley Carnival is the first-ever music festival in Asia to have a fully-fledged campsite, famously known as Enchanted Village, alongside professional adventure sport and other distinctive experiences.
Bacardi Enchanted Valley Carnival shall be hosted amongst the serenity of nature in one of the most exclusive cities in Asia at Aamby Valley City, being the first festival in Asia to be held on an airstrip.
The new identity of the brand has been designed to build a strong community of fans that shall strive to create, maintain and sustain a sense-of-belonging to the BEVC ‘Tribe’.

BEVC 2015 establishes itself as the only multi genre electronic music festival in India offering varied genres from electronic music to live genres across trance, house, techno, fusion, and Indie along with other experimental music. Bringing together some of the most electrifying international performers that remain sacrosanct, BEVC covers a vast spectrum of dance music with the presence of our Indian talent in the line-up. 

The line up is absolutely amazing with Tiesto and Fatboy Slim leading the pack. Artists i am super excited for are Lost Stories, Dubfire, Arjun Vagale, Ferry Corsten and of course Tiesto. 

See all details here : evc.co.in/schedule

How to get to BEVC : Read this evc.co.in/getting-there

Camping Experience
Enchanted Village shall be poised to endorse and facilitate this community through its extravagant camping experience, with the objective of being the most sought after camping brand in the country. Enchanted Village aims to extend its ritualistic nature amongst the fans, rendering an experience across the length & breadth of India’s diverse environmental settings.
See all the details here for booking your tent : evc.co.in/accommodation

For those who are a little dusty on how to prepare for an event like this, here are a few tips from my prior experiences :

1. Firstly of course book your tickets and stay in advance. You can book tents for the stay or a hotel in Lonavala, which is about 23 kms from the venue. 
2. Avoid heels and stick to comfy shoes and clothing. 
3. Have enough memory on your phone for photos and carry a portable charger. Charging stations are available only in the Enchanted Village (if you book a tent).
4. Carry some warm clothing as it gets pretty cold after the sun goes down. A warm jacket and socks are a must. 
5. Protect your phone with a cover or bumper. I have heard endless stories of my friends cracking their phones while having a mad time. 
6. Carry a sunscreen if you going to be under the sun. Sunscreen is equally important for girls and boys both. My favorite is the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer SPF 50+ Sunblock. 
7. Lastly stay hydrated and eat well, so you can party harder!

Festival Fashion Trends :

1. Lace ups

Where to shop :

2. Suede Fringe

Where to shop :

3. Boots and sneakers

Where to shop :

4. Flash Tattoos

Where to shop :

5. Kimonos

Where to shop :

6. Layered Necklace 

Where to shop:

7. Fur

Where to shop :

8. Bum bags

Where to buy :