Thursday, September 10, 2015

EURUMME - Jewelry House Feature

Jewelry does complete an outfit and it does speak out your style. It is the essence of every woman's style. There are so many kinds of jewelry out there now and i was on the look out for something unique, something natural and earthy. Today i am featuring EURUMME, jewelry house which i recently discovered. 

I am absolutely in love with their pieces. They come in a beautiful green box with a handmade cloth bag. I was thrilled to see such a lovely packaging as i like to have a good storage bag for my jewelry later as well. 

The jewelry is just gorgeous. I love the crystal rock look which is earthy, natural and so unique. No two pieces in their jewelry is alike. Every piece is unique which makes it so interesting. All jewelry is set in base metal with 14 kt gold polish. Perfect for day and night both.

The Astronef Galactic pendent : My favorite of them all. This stunning piece is just perfect for every outfit. So unique and earthy. And the glaze shine on this rock makes it so galactic, like from a magical planet far far away. 

Xena Cuff : Like a warrior princess, bold fearless and independent!
Love this adjustable cuff bracelet. The brown stone in gold base is so elegant.  

Forbidden Fruit Earrings : They are made using druzy stone set in 14 kt gold polish. Available in more than 10 colors. How beautiful!

The Gold Dagger Earrings : Eurumme's signature earrings. A beautiful gold with blue stone, that will go with any outfit, be it jeans or a feminine dress. Love them!

What i wore :

Jewelry : EURUMME , Clothing : RIDZ CASTELL

Photography : 

Hair and Make up :

Location :

We spent the day at the Hyatt Spa and Pool. I am so in love with this place. So relaxing and serene. 
Their spa is so amazing with so many different treatments and massages. A perfect place to clear your mind and destress. I also found the whole hotel very warm and romantic. A place to spend a day with your loved one. Get a massage, chill in the pool and eat at their lovely three restaurants (Baan Tao, The Fish Bowl and Eighty Eight). Perfect ain't it!

88, Pune Nagar Road, Next to Aga Khan Palace Pune, Maharashtra 
+91 20 4141 1234 or +91 20 6606 1234

Instagram: @HyattPune