Saturday, July 11, 2015

LAVIE - What's In My Bag?

Hey guys! As the monsoons hit, i crave to wear and carry bright colors. I can hardly stand that gloom, so i try and bring my own sunshine through bright and fresh outfits. Like this LAVIE bag, the bright blue reminds me of the fresh blue skies, or the warm Mediterranean blue sea. Absolutely love this bag!

Today LAVIE made me reveal 'what is in my bag?'. Which means, what are the things i usually carry around in  my bag everyday. One thing is for sure, my bag is always big and i love to carry my whole world with me. This bag is the perfect size for being the everyday bag which is chic, trendy and good quality. Loving the gold details on the bag and the cutout design. 
SHOP this bag here : LAVIE

Here is how i styled this bag! I teamed it up with this gorgeous white off shoulder dress by SHE INSIDE and lace up espadrilles by NEW LOOK

Eargasm today :

So now let's move on to "WHAT'S IN MY BAG?"

1. Wallet : My Louis Vuitton wallet goes everywhere with me. It is the best wallet i have owned till date as it fits all my cards and money perfectly and is a looker! 
2. Car Key : I am crazy about my car! I literally treat my car as a person. I talk to him, cry to him, sing with him. I am sure many of you will agree, the first car will always be your best friend for life. I won't let anyone drive him as well. Even when in high heels there will always be driving flats under my seat. Yup, i am one of those people who cannot drive in heels. Hats off to women who can do that!
3. House Keys : Who wants to get locked out? I have, many times! and the break in stories are hilarious. I will leave that for another time.
4. Phone : Sometimes i feel my phone is an extension of my arm. Well who doesn't? 
5. Battery charger : This is the hilarious thing! I always carry this charger around as it is great for emergency charging of the battery gorging iPhone (Instagram is the culprit i think), but when i plug in, most times i realize i forgot to charge the charger. I always promise myself to get home and do that the first thing. Well.... that reminds me.... 
6. M.A.C. Prep and Prime Compact Powder : I am the oily T zone girl! This compact is just perfect for me.
7. Lip Service : I always carry a lip gloss and a few lip colors with me. These ones are from Chanel, Dior and YSL. 
8. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer : Absolutely love this mini Clinique, perfect for moisture on the go!
9. Miss Dior Perfume :  One spritz puts me in a good mood and completes my outfit :) 

What i wore :

Bag : LAVIE , Dress : SHE INSIDE , Shoes : NEW LOOK , Sunglasses : RAYBAN 

Eargasm today :