Monday, June 8, 2015

DIY Super Ripped Jeans

Hey guys! I posted my super ripped jeans on instagram a few times and many of you wanted a tutorial on how to go about it. 
So here is a photo tutorial on how i did my super ripped jeans. 
I bought these jeans from Code Sixtyone online solely for the objective of ripping them. So go for some old or not so expensive jeans for this experiment.

Firstly lets put on some music!

1. Wear your jeans and move around so that the jeans sit on your body perfectly. 

2. Start marking the jeans with a pencil. Rectangles on both legs and three to four lines on each leg.

3. When you mark on the knees, make sure you bend your knees so that you mark it exactly above the knees.

4. Now remove your jeans and place it flat on the table. Next you need a pair scissors, a knife or a pumice stone and a pair of tweezers.

5. With the scissors cut as shown below.

6. So below is how it should look like after you have cut open the markings. The rectangular flaps are to be removed eventually.

7. Now to start, scrub the edges of all the cuts with a knife or pumice stone till the threads are all loose and looks frayed. 

8. With the tweezers start  pulling out the blue thread. Once you pull out a few, all the rest will come out very easily.

9. As you remove the blue threads, you will see that only the white horizontal threads are left behind.

10. So this is how you distress your jeans. For the trapezium cutouts just use the stone to fray the edges and you are done. 

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