Monday, March 2, 2015

Mariposa Love - Team Spirit

Hey guys! We have a new team member on board, Priya Haridas! 
Today is the launch of our collection, and she has been an angel helping me through everything. Our team is going full power, putting in their own creative efforts and having fun along the way. That is what Mariposa Love believes in, work your ass off but never forget to have fun doing what you are doing. 

Here are a few shots of us in our Mariposa Love skirts, doing what we do best with our lovely Surbhi behind the lens. Priya is wearing the Kaleidoscope skirt and me in the Wild Child skirt. 

Hope to see you all for the launch of Mariposa Love collection. We have some mad surprises in store (i'm dying to blurt it out). Your support is precious!

When : 3rd March, Tuesday, Today, 7pm

Eargasm today :

What we wore :

My skirt : WILD CHILD by MARIPOSA LOVE, Her Skirt : KALEIDOSCOPE by MARIPOSA LOVE, Both Shoes : ZARA , My top : FARM RIO (Brazil) , My sunnies : OAKLEY , Her sunnies : RAYBAN 

Photography :

Location :

Eargasm today :