Monday, March 30, 2015

Femina Believe - Makeup workshop

Spent a lovely Sunday with the Femina Believe team for a makeup workshop here in Pune. Femina Believe is a learning academy for women specializing in workshops in make-up, personality development, communication skills and dining etiquette. They have recently launched their first training center in Pune after their existing centers in Mumbai and Delhi. I was invited for a makeup workshop which was led by Amrit Kaur who is a renowned  make-up artist from Pune. I had a great time catching up with fellow bloggers and we learned a hell lot about makeup techniques and different make up looks for the season. I think it is a great idea to attend this workshop as you can learn the professional techniques of makeup from a professional makeup artist. Learning these tricks and knowing your products can make all the difference in your day to day make up. 

Femina Believe launches a selection of short thorough workshops in subjects like:
  • Makeup: Empower yourself with techniques to overcome your self-consciousness and skillfully apply makeup for every occasion.
  • Styling: Understand the nuances of styling to make the right outfit choices based on various parameters.
  • Dining etiquette: Be assured to dazzle by learning the elements and characteristics of graceful dining.
  • Communication skills & body language: Nurture personal and professional relationships with the ability to project the right personality.
Here is the website link for Femina Believe to know more about their workshops and contact details : FEMINA BELIEVE