Friday, February 27, 2015

Mariposa Love Online Store - First Reveal

Hey Guys! Mariposa Love is expanding into an Online Fashion Store. I have had so many requests in the past to start a store and this was something i always wanted to do. So finally after much planning i am happy to announce the launch of Mariposa Love Online Store soon in March this year. You will be able to buy all our hand picked, unique, high quality clothing and accessories easily sitting at home.

I have teamed up with my two good and old friends, Shefali Sondhi and Nikhil Jathar, to bring this project to life & i am so thankful for their priceless inputs and hard work.

Here is a reveal of our LOGO which we got framed for our new office.

Our team at Mariposa Love is exponentially growing and so many new projects are on our way, which keeps me excited to jump out of bed each day.

Please follow me on instagram : NATASHA_SHROTRI for all the latest updates on our 'behind the scenes' and outfit ideas.

First Reveal of the Collection :

We are glad to announce the first reveal of the collection at the Market Fair & Trunk Show organized by the lovely ladies of House Of Trois. The whole Mariposa Love collection will be out in the open for the very first time. So come have a look, let's meet and greet, down some drinks and shake a leg.

When : 3rd March, Tuesday , 7 pm

Where : High Spirits, Pune

I would love it if you all can make it for the reveal of my collection, so here is a formal invite to all my beautiful readers:

What i wore : 

Pansy Skirt : MARIPOSA LOVE , Candy Floss Blazer : MARIPOSA LOVE , Shoes : ZARA , Sunglasses : ZeroUV

Eargasm today :