Monday, February 23, 2015

House Of Trois

House of Trois (HO3) is a design consultancy based out of Pune, started by three beautiful ladies Persis Dastoor, Rishika Sarawgi and Mariam Alusman

About House Of Trois :

H03 believes in opportunity, fresh talent and perfection. 
A thought translated into reality by 3 aspiring individuals with a core fashion background, coming together to utilize their individual and creative skill set, to come up with a unique concept.
HO3 strictly believes in bridging the gap between the fashion industry and upcoming, fresh talent in the design field.  
Their USP lies in the fact that they wish to promote and help young and aspiring talent to get out there in the industry by providing them with a platform to do so.
What sets them apart from any other consultancy is the fact that they provide clients with an entire fashion package.
The services they provide are :

  • Styling
  • Event Management
  • Graphics
  • Photography

Contact them at : INFO@HOUSEOF-TROIS.COM

Their first event is a Market Fair, where they are featuring 5 upcoming designers and fashion houses at High Spirits, Pune on the 3rd of March from 7 pm onwards.
It is going to be a fashion fever! With all the designers showcasing their designs, colorful drinks, cute boys (and cute girls of course) and peppy music! 
So come be a part of this fever! I will be there covering the event, with my MARIPOSA LOVE team. So let's have a meet n greet !!

When : 3rd March, Tuesday, 7 pm Onwards
Why : Because we loooovvveee Fashion