Friday, December 5, 2014

Rushed Streetstyle

This was probably the quickest i have put together an outfit in my life. Lazying in my pajamas at home i get a call form my mom that they are on their way to the restaurant where we were to meet for lunch. Groggy eyed I rushed for a bath and threw on the first black thing i saw in my wardrobe. That reminds me that i need to light up my wardrobe as all things black in there seem like black holes and i have a lot of black holes right now. Anyways, then i am thinking that i want to be comfortable as this was the day after 'legs day' at the gym. Now you guys who hit the gym will know what i am talking about, as even thinking of skin tight jeans after 'legs day' is a far cry. So i reach out to these super comfy pastel pink trousers to save my day, and grabbed my super bright Prada bag. One trick i do when i have no time to do any make up is throw on some bright lipcolor and a pair of oversized sunglasses. Works everytime! I drove like a maniac, who could only imagine my ex-army officer dad's face to be getting redder by the second. I did reach a little late and missed the starters on the table but hey! better late than never :P 
Here i am after the meal, posing in front of some lazy shop keepers store at 3 pm. Eventful afternoon indeed! :P 

PS: The first track of the Eargasm is my ringtone since 1969.

Eargasm today :

What i wore :

Bag : PRADA , Top : NIKE , Pants : ZARA , Sunglasses : PRADA , Shoes : STEVE MADDEN 

Phone Photography :

Nikita multitasking while eating an icecream 

Eargasm today :