Saturday, November 8, 2014

Tian Tan Buddha - Hong Kong Travel Log

Widely touted as one of the most significant Lantau tourist spots in Hong Kong, Tian Tan Buddha took me on a sacred land tour of enlightenment. It is the world’s largest seated outdoor bronze Buddha statue and sits calmly next to Po Lin Monastery. The easiest way to reach the Buddha is through the Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car, which takes merely 25 minutes and allowed me to breathe in the beautiful scenery along the journey. Walking up 268 steps, the panoramic views of Lantau and the South China Sea from the podium is just beautiful. I spent the evening there and experienced the most beautiful sunset of my life. The peacefulness, the calmness and the sunset! Just can't get any better. I was carrying my flat shoes to walk around, in case you are wondering how i made it in these 4 inch heels (Secret story of every travel fashion blogger) Haha!

Eargasm today:

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Dress : Local buy from Hong Kong , Shoes : VALENTINO , Bag : CHANEL BOY, Sunglasses : PRADA

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Eargasm today :