Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Our IT GIRL this week is the pretty fashion designer, based out of Mumbai, founder & designer of the label AWW, Priyanka Gadda Shah. Her long tousled hair, her warm smile and contemporary style is what you notice first when you meet her. Her designs exudes her personality, contemporary with an edge of ethnic. She also designs her own jewelry which adds that finishing touch to her designs and adds so much personality.
Check out her designs at AWW.

Eargasm Today:

Here's a small interview to know this gorgeous designer a bit more :

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I'm 27 year old, happily married. Originally from Pune, now Mumbai (the city of dreams) where I am pursuing the dream of making my Label 'Aww!' Go Bigger and Brighter. I had started designing at the age of 13. My first creation was a Purple Lehanga from my Mom's Saree. Since that very day, I've always designed my own Clothes. And here I am as a 'Fashion Stylist'. I like partying and I make sure that whenever I visit Pune, I go to High Spirits. And I always try to find happiness in the small things of Life !

How would you describe your personal style?

I have a thing for colors and I love wearing Skirts, I am a quite experimental. So you can say that my style is a unique mixture of multicolored and quirky prints.

What are your passions?

Passion describe designing for me, be it anything, clothes, accessories, bags, scrapbook, gifts for my beloved ones and even my own room. When it comes to designing clothes, I always look forward to use scrap fabrics I'm left with.

What is in your handbag? 

MAC lipstick (Vegas Volt), lip balm, wipes, Faces eye liner, Aldo sunnies, hair rubber and pins, personal dairy with pen and ZARA perfume. 

Your favorite fashion destination?

All time favorite (Colaba Causeway) Mumbai and of course Milan.

Favorite color at the moment?

PINK, Pink defines me. There has never been any instance when PINK is not on my Body.

What do you think is a notable trend today and what are your thoughts on it?

In most street walks, I have seen Crop tops with midi-skirts and peplum tops with high waist-ed bottoms along with Tote Bags. And it's good to see girls accepting trend with Comfort. 

What do you spend money on the most?

On jackets and skirts. I have all possible colors in jackets.

What is your most adored piece in your closet?

There is this ochre yellow pleated mid length skirt designed by me. I am in love with that skirt. 

What's on your iPod at the moment?

Tune Hoton se Lagai toh hungama ho Gaya (QUEEN)

Photography :

Natasha Shrotri Singh (moi)

Location : 

What Priyanka Wore :

Red one shoulder long top - Designed by me ('Aww!')
Bling Neckpiece - Aww!
Rings - Aww!
Shoes- Steve Madden

Blue crop top - Aww!
Grey Pleated Skirt - Aww!
Hand armlets - 'TODA' from Kutch (Gujarat)
Hand Cuffs - 'KADA' from Kutch (Gujarat)
Shoes - Charles and Keith
Pink Sequined Box Clutch - Aww!

Black Pleated Top (kedyo) - Aww!
Denims- ZARA
Rings- H&M
Finger bracelet - Forever21
Earings - Aldo
Shoes -ZARA

Eargasm Today: