Sunday, September 7, 2014

Birthday Girl - NIKITA SHROTRI

A little very special post today, the birthday girl is on the blog today. Also a photographer for Mariposa Love, hair stylist, manager and make up artist, my sister NIKITA SHROTRI. I always tell her how photogenic she is and must feature on my blog, well finally i have some kick a** shots of her. Shot at Kiva in Koregaon Park while shooting another project, i think she looks fantastic in the blue blazer which she wore as a cape and the floral dress that totally reflects her style. 

"Thanks, for always bring there through thick and thin, for listening to my endless dilemmas and always caring. Hope you have a wonderful and fulfilling year ahead. Very proud of you. Big Love."

Eargasm Today : 

Photography :

Natasha Shrotri Singh (moi)

Location :

KIVA (Koregaon park)

Eargasm Today :