Friday, August 8, 2014


Hey guys! I am back in India and back to shooting more 'It Girls'. This is what i wore to shoot our next 'It Girl' Krithika Iyer at Amanora. It was such a fantastic day as the rains took a break and the clouds were just right for that perfect soft light. I took out my leather jacket as i was a little unwell and thought some cover up will do me some good. Here are some shots of me all posey pop in between Krithika's outfit changes. 

What i wore :
Skorts : ZARA , Top : MANGO , Shoes : Anna Flynn (Brazil) , Leather Jacket : PRUNE , Sunglasses : PRADA , Ring pendant : BVLGARI , Amethyst pendant : Local store in Buzios  

Location :

Amanora Park Town

Photographs :

Vipin Changani

Eargasm Today :