Wednesday, July 16, 2014

VALENTINO - Rockstud Shoes Unboxing

I had been crushing on these Valentino rockstud heels since forever and now that my birthday is nearing i thought it would be a good time to splurge a little. 
Bought them from their store in Rio De Janeiro, i went there personally to try them out and see how they treat my feet. The experience was heavenly. The store is just gorgeous and who doesn't mind being surrounded by all things Valentino. I tried on both the 4 inch and the 2.5 inch slingbacks and to my surprise the 4 inch ones were equally as comfortable as the smaller heel. So i opted for the higher heel as i think it looks more elegant and of course who doesn't want some longer legs. I also think that these shoes look much better in person than in pictures, the quality is exceptional, the leather is top notch and the studs are so shiny (in a really nice way). So i am thrilled to have these babes in my closet and can't wait to wear them out soon.
A link to their official website : VALENTINO ROCKSTUD SLINGBACK SHOES

Here is the unboxing situation in pictures.

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