Thursday, June 5, 2014

BEAUTY TALK - Dewy Skin Highlighter & Favorite Scents

Hey guys! So i have decided to start a new feature called BEAUTY TALK on Mariposa Love.
Beauty Talk is going to be all about the beauty products i use & love, different makeup looks of the season & shopping hauls.
As i was planning this post i didn't know where to start, as there is so much i want to talk to you guys about.
So i decided to start with my latest shopping haul from Sephora and perfumes which i am using this season.
I went in specifically for my favorite highlighter which i have used so much these past months and has touched pan. It is the Sephora's highlighting compact powder in rose pink. It is hands down the best highlighter from all the ones i have used till now. It has the perfect shine particles for that dewy look which makes the skin look so healthy and smooth.

Here is a picture of me wearing the highlighter. The highlighter is visible mostly when one light source falls on the face, makes it perfect for a night out flash photo ready look.

So talking about Sephora, it is my favorite shopping destination for beauty products. It houses some of the top brands and the whole experience is amazing. They also give you a lot of testers when you check out which i always look forward to. This time i received three perfumes, the Narciso Rodriguez for her, Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet and the Fendi Blossom. I am going to test them all and see if any of them win for a full bottle buy.

Talking ahead about the perfumes i am using right now. 
Aqua Allegoria Flora Rosa by Guerlain is my latest one and i love it to bits. The notes are rose with red berries which starts with fresh citrus notes and then develops into a crisp rose. It is quite a linear, simple fragrance which stays around 3 hours on my skin and is a both day and night scent. I like it because it is a non offensive, light lingering real rose which smells so elegant. And bottle is a vintage elegance, an absolute keeper!

The other is Chloe L'Eau de Chloe. It is a limited edition by Chloe and is very similar to the original Chloe edp but with more freshness. L'eau de Chloe starts out very citrus, like frozen lemonade but I can also smell the fresh green patchouli. The patchouli smells like it's been freshly cut at its greenest, most vibrant point in it's growth. When the citrus notes settle down, they reveal the rose bellow. This is the heart of the fragrance. The song of Chloe. Stays about 4 hours on my skin. A perfect day wear scent!

Coming on to my night time scent, Coco Noir by Chanel is heavenly. Stays almost 8 hours on my skin which is quite what i expect from Chanel. As many of us already know the Coco Mademoiselle, there is hardly any similarities. Just the patchouli maybe. The patchouli note is earthy in Coco Noir while the note in Coco Mademoiselle is brighter. I look at the two fragrances as if Noir is the sophisticated, mysterious sister and Mademoiselle is the bright, bubbly sister. The scent opens with bright grapefruit and bergamot, the middle note is floral bursts of jasmine & rose and then it dries down to a lovely vanilla-patchouli-incense-tonka beans scent. That is what i love love love about Chanel perfumes, they are so complex & so beautifully blended. 

Hope you all like this post and thank you for bearing with my endless chatter. Have a lovely week ahead.

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