Wednesday, May 14, 2014

SUMMER EDITION - Crochet & Sequins

As the rule of wearing sequins only at night is fading, adding texture to the outfit is trending big.
The crochet top is perfect for adding that texture and make the sequins look more casual and easy.
As you all know by now that i am in love with the lilac color this season, this crochet top is a tad bit too close to my heart. 
Head jewelry is just the most gorgeous thing ever and i have seen it on many girls which looks absolutely angelic. I recreated it using my necklace as a head piece. So grab your favorite necklace and try it as a head jewelry. You will be pleasantly surprised.

What i Wore :

Crochet Top : MARIPOSA SALE (email me at 
Skirt : TUCCI , Buy a similar one at EBAY SEQUINS SKIRT
Head Piece : Necklace from India ( Clover Center)

Photography :


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