Friday, April 18, 2014

IT GIRL {Style Feature} - CHERRY ROY

This week's IT GIRL is the stunning model from Pune, Cherry Roy. I have known her for a long time through my sister and seen her around many times. I always thought she dressed well and now that i got to know her i think she has a very cool personality behind that pretty face. We have seen her on the ramp many times for designers like Wendell Rodricks, Seema Singh & Nivedita Sabu, and worked on campaigns for Gitanjali and Audi. 
I am working on a fashion show with her right now which i am choreographing, and she is absolutely fabulous on the ramp.
A little interview of her to get to know more of this lovely girl :

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I believe that I'm the quintessential woman of today who lives life being unstoppable and a fighter as my experiences taught me to be.
I'm blessed to have a wonderful family, amazing yet crazy friends and mentors who  guide and get the best out of me. 
Loyalty and hard work are two qualities I abide by and i believe honest efforts never go in vain. 
Style for me  would be simplicity at its peak, nothing like your natural self, most beautiful true, shining out there.

How would you describe your personal style?

Depends on my mood in fact, however would say more of chic, classy yet simple. 
Love pastels, brights, florals and of course Indian wear. I feel most beautiful and empowering in a Saree

What are your passions?

I'm  most passionate about three things, singing my heart out, dancing like no one's watching and being an ardent follower of the Indian cricket team.

What is in your handbag?

My awesome Mac mascara and red/rouge lipstick.

Your favorite fashion destination (city or online website)?

I wouldn't name a foreign city cause that'd be extremely cliched. I think women in Mumbai dress so unconventionally and manage to carry off anything with superb style and swagger. So yea , Amchi Mumbai !!

Favorite color at the moment?

Peach and sky blue

What do you think is a notable trend today and what are your thoughts on it?

Pastels, floral, chinos and palazzo pants are very trendy this summer. I think they are easy breezy for summer and one does not have to try too hard with these trends.

What do spend money on the most?

Food food food

What is your most adored piece in your closet?

This turquoise Saree my grandmother gifted me.

What's on your iPod at the moment?

Get Lucky 

Photography :

Zuber Memon and Natasha Shrotri Singh (me) 

Location :

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