Monday, March 24, 2014

IT GIRL {Style Feature} - SONAM PARMAR

Our IT GIRL this week is the gorgeous and adorable Sonam Parmar.
She is a Pune based fashion designer whose personal style is vibrant, chic and alluring. 
I spent the afternoon with her at the beautiful OLIVE BISTRO over lunch and we talked on and on about fashion and styling.
She is such a sweet person and so easy going that i can't imagine anyone feeling uncomfortable around her.
Here's a small interview of her, just to get to know this beauty a little more :

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Fashion and Style being my better half i am a 23 yr old Fashion Designer from Pune, India currently running my own label called ‘Sonam Parmar’

How would you describe your personal style?

LOVE LOVE vintage {all time favorite}. I also try exploring different styles, cuts and silhouettes that suit my body. In short i'm never simple and boring.

What are your passions?

Other than passion for fashion, i love travelling. Specially when i can explore wild life and sea life. 
I've always been a very adventurous person so what ever thrilling & exciting opportunities come my way i'm up for it.

What is in your handbag? 

L’occitane Rose eau de toilette & gloss (a must have), Sephora Liner, blush and compact, The body shop hand sanitizer & cream, YSL Parisienne perfume {classic}, some handy accessories, rubber band and bob pins {super handy for summer to quickly tie up a messy side bun or pony} portable charger and sunglasses.

Your favorite fashion destination?

NYC has been by far the best.

Favorite color at the moment?

All time favorite is PINK, no doubt.

What do you think is a notable trend today and what are your thoughts on it?

A matching crop top and bottom, either same color/print, looks just too classy and vintage. Girls with the hour glass figure must must try it.

What do spend money on the most?

Accessories {bags shoes watches jewelry} & cosmetics.

What is your most adored piece in your closet?

Currently the pink sequin jodhpuri from my own collection.

What's on your iPod at the moment?

Baby doll mein sone di... hahaha!

What Sonam Wore:

Denim Shirt & Skirt : Forever 21 , Sequins Jacket : Soman Parmar , Earrings : Topshop , Jeans : Zara , Black Heels : Steve Madden


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