Friday, March 7, 2014

INSPIRING CHANGE : International Women's Day 2014

"International Women's Day is celebrated on March 8 all over the world. 
Women's group around the world marked this day special to make people know that women are important, should be appreciated and deserve respect no matter who they are, regardless of their color, race or religion."

As a girl child with protective and educated parents who are always there to support me, i feel like a lucky one.
In my country, i still see girls and women facing the very challenges of inequality everyday of their lives.
Safety has always been the biggest concern, as rape is a common minor headline in the newspapers everyday.
Why do those men not understand that that woman could be someone's daughter, wife or mother; who has dreams and plans for a happy future?
But don't get me wrong, as i also have a deep respect for men who love and treat women with kindness and equality.
I have been blessed in my life to know many such men and that is why i see hope in humanity.

Education is the key, key to empower women, key to give them a chance to build their lives the way they want to.

This women's day, make a change, make a donation, support a girl child.

I am leaving you with some links to NGOs helping girls and women in India:

Thank you for reading and have a lovely Women's day. Stay beautiful, inside out !

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