Sunday, March 16, 2014

Holi Hai !

Tomorrow is Holi ! The biggest festival of colors in India. As an Army kid (brat), Holi has always been big, special and fun every year. 
In the Army, we celebrate all the festivals of India with as much vigor as possible, which to me is so beautiful.
Well, for me Holi is a day's pass for being plain crazy, which has left me with many scars from all the chasing and being chased.
The funniest incident was going to the hospital for stitches, dripping holi colors all over the hospital, but the icing on the cake was that the doctor (who put my stitches) was in the same party as i was and he was royally wasted!  Well!  That is how i got my super scar on my knee if any of you noticed.
But hell no regrets!
Yesterday i went shopping for colors and pichkari with my cray cray Zuber Memon and here are some shots by him.

And then Zuber had to prove his Cray Cray self!

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