Sunday, February 16, 2014

Spring Scent - D&G L’Imperatrice

L’Imperatrice is succulent, sparkling, and juicy. It starts with notes of watermelon and kiwi. 

In my opinion, the only thing that smells like fresh watermelon is fresh watermelon; it’s one of those flavors/scents that just can’t be recreated;  if you really want to smell like watermelon, just rub a slice all over yourself. And keep away from picnic sites. However, I will say that D&G does an excellent job making the fresh watermelon, and when the kiwi mixes with it, it creates a mouth-watering aroma that just makes you long for cold fruit salad on a hot day. And it may just be me, but I detected slight hints of green apple. Anyway, when the fruits blend with the heart of pink cyclamen they mature and fade slightly, hovering in the background. 
The pink cyclamen sort of takes over from there, blossoming out and exuding sophistication while maintaining a playful sweetness. It dries down to a soft, demure musk that retains the sweetness of the watermelon and kiwi, and the floral sophistication of the pink cyclamen.
A perfect scent for all those blooming spring days and hot summer nights.

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