Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Pink Thing

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When i was living in Buenos Aires, Argentina till 2011 i loaded up on leather accessories as they said it was the best in the world.
I can't say anything different because the leather quality is fantastic and still looks as good as new even after using them to the hilt.
I bought this bag and shoes from there and i adore the quality and workmanship.

Today i would like to tell you something about me. I hate styling my hair!!
I have way too much hair and i get tired taking sections which are never ending. I could spend an hour and just end up burning my fingers.
So comes in the picture my sweet sister Nikita, who is a professional hair stylist and make up artist.
She is just so kind to take time out to do my hair and i am in awe at how amazing my hair gets after she is done.
So all the credit for my hair goes to her!!

Wishing all my Chinese followers a very Happy New Year.
Have a lovely week ahead!

Photography and Hair : Nikita Shrotri

What i wore :

Shoes : PARUOLO , Bag ; PRUNE , Dress : CHOIES

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