Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Endless Summer

 photo Q7_zps3af20317.jpg

I am so excited to post this outfit for you guys because i am so in love with this combination of lace, neon and cutoff denims.
And also i want to tell you all that i am going to Spain for a road trip with my friend, and this outfit is so perfect for a summer on the road.
I am so sad that Andy will not be able to join us as he is loaded with work, but we will definitely plan another trip once he is free.

Going back to the outfit! I have lived in India most of my life where summer is endless, so cutoff denims are such an essential in the wardrobe.
As we know cropped tops are so in trend but baring the midriff can be a daunting task.
I suggest throwing a sheer shirt on top or a lace top is perfect to peek-a-boo your cropped top and also not baring the midriff all the way.

What i wore:
Lace Top : FARM , Neon Lace Cropped Bralet : LA SENZA , Denim Cutoff and Bag : ZARA , Shoes : SCHUTZ ,
Sunglasses : RAY BAN , Watch : A gift from Audi (Can't tell you how i love Audi )

My Summer Eargasm:

 photo q2_zpse5ba3f5a.jpg
 photo q10_zps8733132c.jpg
 photo q9_zps9902499b.jpg
 photo q6_zpsb4adb154.jpg
 photo q1_zpsfe851f4f.jpg
 photo q5_zps2543ed24.jpg
 photo q8_zps34d1eb4e.jpg
 photo q3_zps1b1be658.jpg
 photo q4_zpse4d69e6e.jpg

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Friday, July 26, 2013

So Tweed

 photo q6_zps1c57d052.jpg

It has been so cold for the past few days in Rio and i think it is now that winter has hit Brazil.
I was told that it is never cold in Brazil so i never got my heavy duty clothing here and now i am layering to keep warm.
Well! i am sure it is going to get warm again very soon next week so i am not worried. Its Brazil!
Also do you all know that Pope Francis is here in Rio?! So its a five day holiday here yeyy!!
But all of Copacabana streets are closed and that's where my gym is. I have not been to the gym in 3 days now and i feel terrible as its such a big part of my daily routine.
Anyways, the good part is that me and Andy are having a great time eating and drinking and cuddling watching movies at home hahah!
Here is my outfit wearing the tweed jacket by Zara and my favorite Prada sunglasses.
I love how a tweed jacket can make the outfit a little formal while keeping it playful, so its a great option for work if you don't need to wear power suits.
Hope you all have a great weekend! TGIF :D

What i wore :
Jacket, Boots and Leggings : ZARA , Sunglasses : PRADA, Bag (Speedy 30)  : LOUIS VUITTON , Celine Top : ETSY , Necklace : BLUR

Photos by : Andy

 photo q1_zps6f40436c.jpg
 photo q4_zpsfb1908fd.jpg
 photo q3_zps762af874.jpg
 photo q2_zps4fa341d2.jpg
 photo q5_zps35443b02.jpg
 photo q7_zps359f2fee.jpg

Eargasm Today:

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Birthday Outfit

 photo q1_zps5260ce2e.jpg

Hey Ho! It's my birthday today!
So i am in a very happy mood today and decided to go with glitters and white for a day look.
I am in love with this glitter peplum i got hold of during the end of season sale at Zara.
I love wearing glitter in the day as it's not all that 'on your face' but I can just switch to a night look by
changing into a black skirt and black heels and dance away!!
Hope you all are having a great day! Coz it's the best day ;)

What i wore:
Peplum top, Shorts and Sandals : ZARA , Bag : ALDO, Necklace & Bracelets : LOU LOU

 photo q5_zpsdc43e7f0.jpg
 photo q2_zps184f53fc.jpg
 photo q4_zpsaee8b7e0.jpg
 photo q3_zpseeee33c1.jpg

Eargasm today ( Digging this cover so much)

Thursday, July 18, 2013


 photo q1_zpsdf23eb67.jpg

This bright orange pull over by Zara is the most gorgeous thing, so soft and comfy.
I am loving white accessories this season so much and a bright piece can make the outfit so much more fun.
And i found the so perfect orange lip color for this outfit by MAC called Morange.
Since you all already know i am a bright lip color fanatic, this Morange color is just amazing with great coverage.

What i wore:
Top and Heels : ZARA , Jeans : Paula Cahen D'anvers , Bag : ALDO , Watch : MICHAEL KORS , Lip color : MAC

 photo q4_zps65aaa48c.jpg
 photo q2_zpsfc2c3f37.jpg
 photo q3_zps0eba7ea2.jpg

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Eargasm of the day

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ipanema Beach Diary

 photo 5_zps9b884814.jpg

A relaxed weekend by the beach, under the sun, with nothing but loads of sunscreen on!
Here are some of the pictures from my iPhone, chilling at iPanema beach, Rio De Janeiro.
This is supposed to be peak winters in Brazil but the weather is perfect for the beach.
No wonder why Brazil is a beach holiday destination all throughout the year. Just Perfect!!

What i wore:
Net cover up : Allo Martinez , Sunglasses : Mango , Slippers : Track & Field

 photo 1_zps89cd35a6.jpg
 photo 3_zps02debf0e.jpg
 photo 7_zpsb065da56.jpg
 photo 2_zpsc60f4c63.jpg
 photo 8_zpsc0c167c6.jpg
 photo 4_zpsdde162e0.jpg
 photo 6_zps4ef8dd13.jpg

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Eargasm today:

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Aztec Stripes

 photo q1_zpsad9491ea.jpg

Today i am going a bit back to the 70's with my outfit. This gorgeous A line skirt by Zara was screaming for a little vintage :)
With puffed hair, sailor stripes and red lips, i am feeling very retro.

What i wore:
Skirt & Top : ZARA , Platforms : STEVE MADDEN , Bag (Stresa Azur pm) : LOUIS VUITTON

 photo q3_zpsb2eddd51.jpg
 photo q6_zpsa49d540d.jpg
 photo q4_zps0f252480.jpg
 photo q2_zps4a0f739c.jpg
 photo q5_zps6645cb46.jpg

Have a good day you beauties and beasts!

Eargasm today :

Monday, July 1, 2013

Blue Jeans

 photo q1_zps99fca362.jpg

Nothing is forever in style like a pair of blue jeans. So i decided to do a post with my favorite blue jeans on.
 It is so easy to pair up blue jeans, as everything works with it. Naming a few, a white tee, baggy sweater, sheer tops, neons, black racer backs.... and the list goes on.
I went for a sequin knit and black studded stilettos.

What i wore:
Jeans : JAZMIN CHEBAR, Knit top & Heels : ZARA, Bag (Stresa PM) : LOUIS VUITTON
Watch : MICHAEL KORS, Necklace : ALDO , Parfum : CHANEL Coco Noir

Photography : Andy

 photo q5_zps4fad6330.jpg
 photo q4_zps09dc81a7.jpg

 photo q7_zpsa2840564.jpg
 photo q6_zps2a84ed2b.jpg
 photo q3_zpsb3764236.jpg

 photo q8_zps88941c35.jpg

Eargasms today: