Monday, May 6, 2013

Daisies & Zara Spring Accessories

 photo 3-33_zpsd698168b.jpg

Loving monochrome accessories this season.
No matter if its autumn or spring in your country, monochrome is a hot trend.
Zara never fails to impress me and i am impressed by these comfy high heels with silver cuff details.
The bag is spacious and very neat in its execution. Big thumbs up to both these accessories that compliment each other so well.

 photo 5-28_zps9c75c818.jpg

 photo 1-44_zps911e4925.jpg

 photo 6-25_zps2f9e8ce7.jpg

 photo 4-34_zps33cdf9b1.jpg

 photo 2-39_zps02a76fe5.jpg

Photography : Andy
Styling : Me

What i am Wearing :
Dress : MY PLACE, Bag & Shoes : ZARA, Sunnies : RAYBAN

Eargasm today :

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Rio De Janeiro Skyline

 photo 2-39_zps24e0c17b.jpg

It was such a beautiful day to open all the windows, the wind was soft and the skies so clear.
Well, almost everyday is so in Rio and i feel blessed to be here and actually know what the fuss was all about Rio.
I have never shot on the top floor of our apartment, so it was the perfect day to start :)
I can feel the wind getting cooler but the sun feels warm enough to let you hang out on the beach.
Wearing a Zara tail top and Delaostia Skirt, the Zara ankle boots completed my outfit.
I love my Louis Vuitton Azur, but i am always so worried about getting it dirty that i find it hard to relax carrying it.
The vachetta has tanned quite a bit and i know it is only going to get darker.
But you know, Azurs are such beautiful bags that i will still continue buying them.
So, here are some pictures from my apartment of the beautiful and scenic Rio De Janeiro.

 photo 4_phixr-2_zpsd633bc95.jpg  photo 1-44_zps2556a57e.jpg  photo 5_phixr-2_zps4a284ecc.jpg  photo 9-17_zpsf614fba6.jpg  photo 7-24_zpsb455d0a1.jpg  photo 10-13_zpsc0acae45.jpg  photo 12-11_zps4bcdeeef.jpg  photo 6_phixr1-2_zps1cd0356f.jpg  photo 3-33_zps94d51292.jpg

Styling : Me
Photographer : Andy ( Big thanks to my love)

What i wore :
Top & Boots : Zara,  Skirt : Delaostia , Bag : Louis Vuitton , Sunnies : Guru , Watch : Michael Kors

Eargasm today :