Thursday, January 17, 2013

Jardim Botânico - Rio De Janeiro

Q2_zps3a4212f2 photo Q2_zps3a4212f2.jpg

The most relaxing Sunday ever!!
Lush green warm gardens and sweet wild flowers, surrounded me, overwhelmed me, seduced me into spending hours in this gorgeous jardim.
Probably the most romantic time you can have is when you are in the lap of nature, ignorant about the crazy city life right outside the gates.
I did!! We almost said, this is where we will bring our kids to play. Haha!
Ok enough mush !!

Down to my outfit:
I am wearing a dress by My Place , a Brazilian clothing line. Check out their website for some amazing party wear and chic dresses.
Sunnies by our favorite Rayban and moustache loafers by Zara.

I am going to Arraial Do Cabo beaches tomorrow and i have not yet started packing.
So, have a gorgeous weekend my dear followers and visitors.

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Q6_zps42f31262 photo Q6_zps42f31262.jpg
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Photography : Andy

What i wore : Dress MY PLACE ,  Loafers  ZARA ,  Mirror Aviators  RAYBAN ,  Watch  MICHAEL KORS

Weekend Eargasm