Friday, June 25, 2010

Alicia Keys - Empire State Of Mind (Karl G funk mix) - Tweed Blazer & Lace Skirt

Here is my latest look. It was fresh morning and before heading out i had time to take a few pictures of my outfit. I combined the white lace skirt with a white top and belt to add symmetry. The short tweed blazer finishes the outfit and anyways i love tweed with anything white. This is the summer look, if you want the winter version of it , just add some tights and socks. Maybe even a pair of gloves and scarf. But i am a worshiper of minimalism, so i suggest to keep things simple and not too many things added in one outfit. Besos!

Brown leather bag : Prune
White clutch : XoXo
Blazer : Akiabara
White lace skirt : Zara
Belt : Forever new (Mumbai, India)
Booties : Rocia (Mumbai, India)