Sunday, May 2, 2010

Black Out - Louis Vitton Bag, Lace Dress & Boating Combat Boots

Well , here is another look i have put together inspired by my love for black. Putting the lace dress together with combat boots reflects how feminine and masculine pieces get along. You don't have to stick to wearing pretty heels with a feminine dress. The Bag is Louis Vitton ( Bloomsbury PM from the Damier Ebene Canvas collection) via a dear friend Andrea who is the queen of all walk-in closet owners. I bought these boots a week ago from Boating and they are super comfortable and no need to say "so in fashion". I totally love them, for the fact that whenever i wear them, i get into this really carefree spirit ( PS: Shoes have the ability to rule my ). While i enjoy the warm light in my kitchen, hope you find this post inspiring. Besos!