Monday, January 2, 2017

Savannah by OCM - Indo-Western For The Modern Woman

At a time that the western hemisphere was infusing elements of Indian clothing - fashion pioneers in India were doing just the same incorporating classic silhouettes from European & American Fashion. This amalgamation of trends carried through the 1980s, 1990s and in the 2000s.

Among all the items for Indian ethnicity, the 'kurta' and/or 'kurti', and the 'salwar kameez' have adapted to this fusion of cultures with a welcome embrace. Designers and patrons alike, love the 'mash-up', exhibiting an array of prints, patterns, embroidery and embellishments.

OCM, one of India’s largest fabric manufacturers, has transformed to cater to the needs of the modern Indian woman. 
And now, they're unraveling a new women's wear line - 'Savannah'.

Adhering to the status quo of 'Indo-Western', combining the patterns & silhouettes with contemporary prints, and keeping in-toe with current trends, Savannah represents versatility and modernity. I really like the vibrant colours. The soft fabric. The fact that I feel unique when wearing them.

Check out the entire range and tell me what you think

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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Platinum Day Of Love : Platinum Love Bands

Platinum Day of Love! What do you think this means? It signifies something deeper and more glorious than just words. It is a day you find love which is pure, true and eternal. Finding real love is not easy, as we are all, on the lookout for our twin flame. For those lucky souls who do find their soulmates, it is an extremely special moment in their journey of life, something to celebrate in full glory!

“What better way to express how you feel to the one you love with a Platinum Love Band”

This range in Platinum is something so unique that one cannot stop from falling in love with the designs at the first look. Beautifully crafted, each ring embodies a sense of uniqueness and elegance.

If just the sheer beauty has not captivated you, here are my three reasons as to why the Platinum Love Bands are perfect for your beloved and yourself.

  • Pure - Being one of the purest metals, I would say it is only the most appropriate metal to be molded into a token to express one's most sincere love for another.
  • Rare - Another common trait between love and platinum; I feel it symbolizes precisely how special it is to love and be loved.
  • Eternal - True love is eternal; just as platinum it does not wither under strain and withstands the tests of time

Platinum bands set with Diamonds, varying in style either with solitaire setting or cluster setting. These bands truly embody the underlying sentiments of the word Love: Eternal and Undying.

I've picked three sets from their collection that stood a notch above the rest when it came to their design which is both minimalistic and versatile.

The first design is an elegant platinum band encrusted with a solitaire diamond. It's a classic design that will never loose its charm.  

The second one has more detailing around the rim of the band with a hint of diamonds. The exquisite design makes it look effortless yet sophisticated.

The third design is another favourite. A solid polished platinum band with diamonds set in a beautiful cross-like design. Its understated grace made me fall in love with it. C’est parfait!

I felt like a princess wearing each one of them and had a hard time parting from them. Haha! You all must go visit Ranka Jewellers in Hadapsar, Pune and check out these beauties in person to know why i’m raving so much.

Platinum is a symbol of love that is pure, eternal and rare.

To view the entire selects of their collection, head on over to

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Monday, December 19, 2016

DEAL JEANS - The Party Girl

With Christmas around the corner and New Year Eve following up, I am sure that many must be going frantic hunting for the perfect outfits. After all it's a weekend full of 'Christmas Merriness’ and parties.

Many factors come to play an important role in picking one's look!
  • What's in fashion?
  • What colors to work with?
  • Which, cuts, patterns and/or silhouettes are trending?
Trust me when I say, I understand your dilemma.

Even if I do know about "what's hot and what's not"; shopping still doesn't get any easier.

Deal Jeans recently launched the "Party Collection", a collection that caters to the young urban women of today. A brand after my own heart, Deal Jeans aims to fulfill every girls' desire to own a wardrobe that is fashion forward, trend appropriate and compliments one's figure.

The ensembles in this collection embody elegance, rooting their inspiration from the recently witnessed Fall-Winter fashion weeks at Paris and Berlin. The styles exhibit grace through their demure silhouettes fused with minimalist embellishments (and pleat work in some outfits). The color palette shifts through the dark and bright hues; Brick Red and Royal Blue to White Mist and Coral Peach.

I've chosen three dresses from the "Deal Jeans Party Collection" and styled them to suit the upcoming Party Season most accurately. 

  • I'm going to assume that the ladies who read my blog are young working professionals, and would have plans to head out once they get done with work on a Friday evening. Keeping that in mind, my first pick is this simply beautiful cold-shoulder dress in Royal Blue. A vision almost divine, paired to set right with silver two strap stilettos and the 'Wicked Belt'.

  • My next pick, is a bell-sleeved a-line ensemble that I believe to be a spot on transition outfit.This dress if fun and sophisticated, with tie up neckline. Paired it with a pair of block heel booties, stockings and a shoulder sling bag. Set, go!

  • And finally, for the Christmas Day!  Without a doubt, with my eyes closed shut, Red is all I want. Christmas and red go hand-in-hand.You will notice the 'skater flare', trending this season for the ability to be versatile and suit & compliment all body-types. The subtly bold embellishments on the neckline add the perfect amount of drama. Grab your favorite bag, pinch into a pair of boots and you are ready for Christmas of 2016.

Deal Jeans has its exclusive brand outlets in Nagpur, Amritsar, Haldwani and Lokhandwala while its merchandise is available across India at Shoppersstop, Central and Globus. However you can head over to and checkout their entire collection there. 

I paired all my outfits with E2O bags. They have a gorgeous range of affordable yet trendy bags, with quality on their priority. Now don't we girls just love our handbags and matching a new one for every outfit. 
So do check out their collection here : E2O Accessories 

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Lip color : MAC Ruby Woo, Silver heels : Zara , Boots : Truffle Collection 

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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Savannah by OCM - Embracing The Indo Western

At a wedding function, at a cocktail party, or to the office - one could choose ‘fusion fashion’ and walk in gracefully.
Fusion fashion is the most sought after trend for the modern woman, regardless of the occasion. The one reason why indo-fusion fashion is so loved by the modern Indian woman is because it incorporates western touches to our existing ethnic outfits which we never want to part from.
Recently we have seen a lot of celebrities opting for ethnic fusion outfits for events and I personally think it is fabulous way to be unique and fashionable.
Today, I am collaborating with the new brand Savannah in the fusion fashion space.
Savannah is made of lawn cotton which is one of the world’s best cottons. It is soft, takes colour printing extremely well, and makes for meticulous finish and an attractive drape.

And I was amazed to see the variety of designs! They simply lift your mood!
Being at one with nature is what I experienced.

The designers have done a great job – the vibrant motifs, the colour palette, fine embroidery work. It’s an outstanding collection.

Savannah embodies the versatility of fusion fashion, it’s what I can wear indoor and outdoor – to a  picnic, a casual brunch, a sangeet function, a diwali party, or to a business meeting. The collection is feminine and I absolutely enjoyed wearing every outfit. I love the cigarette pants to go with the vibrant kurtas which add the western touch.

I can see women of every age wearing the Savannah collection and look graceful and elegant.

To see all the designs of the Savannah collection, please visit

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